Workplace flexibility is important to employees everywhere—even those living Down Under. In the YouTube video below, “City of Melbourne Council – Flexibility at Work”, Melbourne City Council workers share why workplace flexibility is important to them.

Here are some of their reasons:

  • One woman has two small children and her husband works long hours.
  • Another claimed that flex allows you to have work-life balance.
  • One female worker said flex let her pursue volunteer work.
  • One worker believed that working from home was beneficial to him by allowing him to work in a quiet space.
  • Being able to do hobbies and courses was important to another interviewee.
  • A new mom said that flex helped her transition back into workforce.

Interviewees were also asked how they worked flexibly. Their answers show that flexible work comes in a wide variety of options:

  • One worker returning from maternity leave works 2-3 days a week and chooses which days to work.
  • Another person interviewed said that he takes two weeks of additional leave per year to cover school breaks.
  • A few employees interviewed work a compressed workweek. One works 4 days a week, two long days and two short days. Another female worker said that she works 2 days at home, and since she resides two hours away from her job, she is able to save 4 hours on those days from commuting into work.
  • Another employee works from home 1 day a week so she can take care of her kids.
  • And another worker works part-time due to medical reasons, and claims that it’s worked out wonderfully for her well-being.

Finally, employees were asked about the benefits of flexibility, not just for workers, but for companies that have flexible work policies. Their responses:

  • Employee engagement and retention would be better.
  • Flexible work allows people who might not be able to work full-time the ability to continue on in their careers. For some, it’s the difference between working and not working.
  • Companies that offer flex are inspiring because they realize that there is a life outside the office.
  • Flexible work options mean that there is a greater level of trust between employee and employer.
  • And finally, as one worker pointed out, there are so many opportunities for flexible work that if you explore it hard enough, you can find mutual territory that can work for everyone.

As workplace flexibility continues to grow in popularity, it is important for people from everywhere in the world to talk about its positive impact, both on their lives as well as the businesses they work for. Hopefully, other towns, cities, and countries can take a cue from the workers in Melbourne and talk up the benefits of flexible work to make it more mainstream and eventually available to all workers in the future.

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