Work flexibility brings savings in a variety of ways. It can save you time as you no longer have to commute into an office. It can help you save the environment, as your carbon footprint is greatly decreased. It can save you money in pricey lunches, office attire, parking, and so on.

It can also save your sanity, but that’s another topic altogether.

Work flexibility can help you save money during the holidays, too. Read on to find out how!

Boost your savings with a seasonal job.
You want to make your holiday season merry and bright. But you’d also like to see some extra green in your wallet, too. If your primary position isn’t bringing in enough money to get you through the expenses of the holiday season, finding an extra, flexible job can definitely help! You can look for a seasonal job (retail, data entry, customer service, and tax jobs are plentiful this time of the year!), a freelance gig, or even a part-time position that can bring in some extra fa-la-la-la-la financial freedom.

Hit the stores—on your schedule.
When you have an office gig, you’re pretty much relegated to shopping during regular retail hours. But work flex means that you can shop at your own convenience—and to your heart’s content. If you want to take advantage of doorbuster deals at 7:00 AM—and not worry about being late to work at 9:00 AM—you can. Flex means you can avoid the crowds, get that last minute sale item and still get all your work done, too.

Stay healthy
Let’s face it: The holidays might be the most wonderful time of the year, but not if you’re laid up in bed with the flu. Having to schlep into an office each and every day might give you a too-close-for-comfort connection with your fellow (contagious) commuters and workplace colleagues. If you don’t have paid sick days (or if you’ve used all of them up by this time of the year), you might have to pay a pretty price for staying home sick in bed. With flex, you may be able to avoid catching that cold altogether. Or if you do come down with something, you can spend part of the day recuperating, and then start working when you feel better—and not have to worry about keeping up with your workload or losing a day’s pay.

The holidays are a hectic, and expensive, time of the year. Flex can help keep you on track, both professionally and personally, and still make it feel like the most wonderful time of the year.

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