When I started working from home, my daughter was in elementary school and my son was in middle school. Little did I realize the profound impact this change would have on my professional life, but also on my personal life and the life of my family. Some benefits of flexible working were obvious like the financial savings of not filling up the gas tank every three or four days, but others were not so obvious. Here are four of the benefits I’ve enjoyed most from flexible working.

The Gift of Time
The personal freedom I discovered by truly being in charge of my own schedule was amazing, along with the time that I gained everyday. Before I started working virtually, my daily commute was over 90 minutes. Do you realize what a gift it is to gain an hour and a half everyday?!

Involved Dad
Because of this extra time, I’ve been able to be a more involved dad. I’ve had the time to coach my daughter’s softball team and the flexibility to attend my son’s after school tennis matches and cross-country meets. As my kids have gotten older (my son is now a sophomore in college and my daughter is a freshman in high school), I’ve realized how important it is to be here when they get home from school. Some of the best talks I’ve had with both my son and daughter happen in the first 15 minutes after they get home, while the events of the day are still fresh in their minds.

Personal Fitness
Personally, working from home has helped me prioritize my own fitness. Instead of getting out of bed at 6:00am on a cold and dark winter morning to get in a five mile run before work, I can start work early and go for a run in the sun and warmth of the mid morning. Or, I can hit the gym after the early morning crowds have all started their long commutes to the office.

Professional Benefits
Professionally, the same holds true. Having the freedom to work early or work late and to be able to work without the typical office distractions is a huge benefit. The time savings of uninterrupted work and thought is just another benefit of working from home.

The benefits of flexible working have had a profound impact on me personally and professionally; it’s also positively impacted my family and all of my relationships. I’m proud to be a part of 1 Million for Work Flexibility and to help more and more people realize the life changing benefits of flexible work.

photo credit: thinkstockphotos.com