For many people, their employment provides them with a strong sense of professional satisfaction. For others, though, a job alone doesn’t give that feeling of complete fulfillment—but being able to juggle personal and professional responsibilities does. Our 1 Million for Work Flexibility community weighs in on why work flex is fulfilling—in so many ways.

Work flexibility gives you autonomy.

One of the biggest draws of work flexibility, such as flexible or remote jobs, is the freedom they offer in terms of time and location—no office required. To be able to work when you want as the day dictates, without having to report to an office, can allow you to work and travel at the same time—whether to the coffee shop down the road, to another city, or to another country altogether.

“It opens the door to travel and see things because you are not tied to a building or place.”
–Rachel, Santa Fe, NM

Work flex helps you take advantage of time.

Whether you have a 15 or a 50+ minute (or longer!) daily commute, those precious moments stuck schlepping to and from the office can be wasteful, even if you try to do something productive during that time period. Imagine all that you could do if you didn’t have to spend it smushed up against fellow commuters! Without a commute into the workplace, you can have a fulfilling life that isn’t spent stuck in traffic.

“Life is too short… work flexibility enables people to have fulfilling careers while maintaining a work-life balance that is critical to living a fulfilling life.”
–Christine, Louisville, CO

Work flex allows you to work when you’re at your best.

Let’s say that you’re a true night owl. You get your best big-picture plans during the late hours of the night, and produce your best presentations at 2:00 AM. So for you (and countless others), it simply doesn’t make sense to try to work a structured 9-5 schedule.

“I want the freedom to work when and how I work best. I want the opportunity to work with new groups, learn new skills, and grow in the fields that interest me the most. Work is most of my waking day, so I want to work for a company that I love, that I can invest myself in, but I don’t want to be limited in where I choose to live.”
–Misty, Baxter, TN

Work flex gives you time to smell the roses.

Particularly during the long winter months, many workers clock into the office in the morning when it’s dark—and then leave at the end of the day and it’s still dark. Not feeling the sunlight on your face during the workday can be very depressing. That’s why having a flexible job can be fulfilling, since you can take a break during your workday and step out into the sunshine, without your colleagues wondering where you went.

“Because the sun is out from 9-5 and I want to enjoy it!”
–Nick, Grand Rapids, MI

Work flexibility just makes sense.

It’s true: studies have shown that workers with flexibility are more productive, healthier, and yes, happier. Companies that allow their employees to work flexibly report higher retention rates, are in a better position to attract top-tier talent, and report great productivity levels from their workers. In short: flexible work works because it allows people to take care of their personal needs (i.e. caregiving for an aging relative, go back to school, be a better parent) and still have a career that they love and are dedicated to.

“Because life is happier, healthier, and more productive and sustainable for all with flexible work options.”
–Lisa, Madison, WI

Readers, how has work flexibility helped you feel more fulfilled in life? Let us know by joining the movement and chiming in with your reasons why you’re pro-flex.

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