On October 8, we hosted a webinar with 1MFWF Supporters Chuck Wilsker, president and co-founder of the Telework Coalition, and Josh Billington, general manager of Telework Advocacy. Chuck and Josh discussed topics including the types of roles and industries that are suited to telecommuting, what telecommuting means for productivity, and the evolution of telecommuting technology.

Watch the complete webinar below, and please share widely!

About Josh Billington
Josh Billington acts as General Manager of Telework Advocacy, an organization dedicated to providing individuals and telework stakeholders with the tips, tools and technology they need to take the next steps in their careers or in telework and mobility program development. Josh is part of the founding group of Telework Advocacy, based in Indianapolis, IN, and is integral in the development of events such as the annual Telework Summit, now in its 6th year, and other regional micro-events and webinars. His other efforts include connecting private sector, telework stakeholders with best-in-class telework solutions vendors, partnering with state and local government to leverage telework practices to reduce unemployment, and advocating the use and incremental benefits of managed telework programs at companies large and small.

About Chuck Wilsker
Chuck Wilsker is the President, CEO, and Co-Founder of the Telework Coalition (TelCoa), a nonprofit association headquartered in Washington, DC. He has been working with telework and telecommuting applications for 15 years. Prior to that he spent 30-plus years in the field of emerging telecommunications technologies.

Chuck’s efforts include promoting telework as a quick, inexpensive, and effective means of providing employment opportunities for older, rural, and disabled workers, as a critical part of disaster avoidance, business continuity, and Continuity of Operations programs, and a way to improve our environment, reduce our use of traditional and outdated modes of transportation, and to reduce our dependence on imported energy. Working with employers and employees to help them realize the bottom line financial benefits of telework has taken him around the country addressing many business organizations. Currently he is studying the convergence of telework and mobility and how this trend is affecting work today.

photo credit: thinkstockphotos.com