If there were any time of the year in which you would want to have a flexible job, summer would be it. After all, with warm temperatures and countless outdoor activities to partake in, summertime and flex are a match made in heaven. But you might still need some ideas on how to fully utilize flex to your advantage. Here’s how to use flex to get the most enjoyment out of the final weeks of summer.

Get up earlier.

There are countless studies that show that if you get up earlier each day you can increase your productivity. So even if your bed is calling your name, try to wake up at least an hour earlier each day. You’ll dramatically increase your productivity and feel that you’ve accomplished so much more, which can give your day an added boost. And a bonus: you’ll be free to go to the movies and watch that summer blockbuster with your friends later on in the day.

Work ahead.

One of the benefits of flexible work is that you can completely customize your schedule. So if you know that your kids will be out of camp in two weeks, you can ramp up your workflow at nights. Packing in some extra work hours to your evenings will ensure that you stay on top of your work, meet your deadlines, and are still able to hit the beach with your kids during the day.

Take your work with you.

Let’s say that your family is planning a fun last-minute get-away. Thing is, you can’t get away from your work. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have any fun, or worse, have to stay home to finish up that project. Embrace the life of a digital nomad (even for a few days!) by taking work with you. Call ahead to ensure that you’ll have a reliable WiFi connection. And bring your laptop so that you can work and still have fun with your family.

Having a flexible work schedule means that you always have the opportunity to better balance your work and personal life. With a little planning, you can flex your flexible schedule during the summertime to meet your work demands and soak up some summer fun.

photo credit: istockphoto.com