Inspired by the flu season, Ann Basco wrote this post in honor of all who care for others, and she is thankful for the companies that allow us to do so. 

‘Twas the night before budgets and all through the house, every creature was coughing, even my spouse.

My deadlines were hung in my mind with despair, worried about how I’d get out of this snare.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds, snoozing and wheezing with poor stuffed up heads.

Sore throat in one room, fever in another, snuggle little sister, then go soothe her big brother.

Now I feel sick too. No! How can this be? I’ve had my flu shot and take Vitamin C.

Surviving Pa’s snoring, deep in my laptop, I take a shot of NyQuil with a double dose cap top.

Haunting deadlines of budgets, and year-end reviews. Christmas Future Ghosts just won’t let me snooze.

What time is it now? Oh I don’t want to know. Like Elsa says, just let it go.

And then—I remember, there is nothing the matter, from sweet syrup NyQuil dreams, fears melt, worries shatter.

No problems here, my employer is flex! Work in office or home, whichever is best.

Tomorrow will come, and it may not be fun, but in my home office turned sick bay, I’ll get it done.

Six am wakeup, my patients seem stable. Drink lots of coffee; postpone all I’m able.

To the drugstore! Children’s Tylenol, Pedialyte and Halls! A kids movie on demand, then I’m back on my calls.

Now Skype! Now Outlook! GoToMeeting, IM connected! On cable! On headset! Work hardly affected.

Awesome employers are on board with progression. To work, some only need an internet connection.

For my company understands, that working dads and moms, have surprise situations that give us all qualms.

Others care for aging parents, a spouse, or maybe don’t drive. Thanks to flex employers, we can all have jobs, and thrive.

My patients all set with “How to Train Your Dragon 2” for the third time in a row.

My patients all set with “How to Train Your Dragon 2” for the third time in a row. photo credit: Ann Basco.

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