While we take flexible work very seriously, we also see how some components of work flexibility can be pretty amusing. Stephen Colbert recently poked a bit of fun at the telecommuting trend after a tech company invented an iPad-mounted robot to stand-in for telecommuters in the office. Check out the clip below:

Called “Double,” the product says it’s “for businesses with telecommuters who want to have a physical presence in the office.” Even without Colbert’s hilarious commentary, the shots of an iPad rolling down office hallways with the telecommuter’s face on the screen are fantastic, especially because the company describes this rolling robot as, “having a robot stand in your place.”

Colbert then suggests that telecommuters head back to the office to join their robots, thereby doubling productivity because there will be two of them in the office. If only boosting productivity were so easy!

For now, we’ll stick with working from home and using video conferencing to connect with the office. But for some remote workers, this might offer just the connection to their colleagues they need.

Readers, let us know: would you want a robot of yourself rolling around the halls at your company’s office while you telecommute?

photo credit: thinkstockphotos.com