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  • The 9-to-5 is dead

The 9-to-5 Is Dead for 94% of British Workers, and More News

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Here are some recent items not to miss, including why 2018 is the year of the flexible workforce and why the 9-to-5 is dead for British workers.

  • Work flexibility for parents

How Work Flexibility for Parents Can Be Life-Changing

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As we recognize National Working Parents Day on September 16, it's a good time to honor the people who are successfully navigating the balancing act every day and to remember how providing work flexibility for parents can help them in their efforts.

  • Parents whose coworkers donated vacation time

Coworkers Are Donating Vacation Time to New Parents

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A new trend in the workplace involves colleagues collecting their vacation days, and then donating them to the new parents on their teams.

  • Non-parents with work flexibility

Why Flexibility is Great for Non-Parents, Too

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Unfortunately, the different wants and needs of non-parents sometimes don't get the same attention and understanding from managers when it comes to work flex. Here's why flexibility is great for non-parents, too.

  • Stay-at-home moms and dads with the parenthood penalty

Do Stay-at-home Moms and Dads Face a “Parenthood Penalty?”

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Do stay-at-home moms and dads face a parenthood penalty? We take a look at a recent survey that explores the topic at length.

It’s Working Project: Flex Solutions

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In this Q&A, Julia Beck talks about her own family's history with parenting and flexibility, as well as the future of the It's Working Project.

  • Katrina Alcorn

Video: Juggling Work and Family as a New Parent—More Joy, Less Stress

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This 1MFWF and ThirdPath Institute webinar featuring Katrina Alcorn focused on increasing the joys of balancing work and family as a new parent.

  • promoting mental health

Supervisor Support and Work Flexibility: A Winning Combination in Promoting Mental Health

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Current research shows that mental health supports in the workplace—including supervisory support and increased work flexibility—can be a game changer.

  • innovation

Team Creation, Innovation, and Momentum Thrive in Remote Work Environments

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Let's be clear: working from home doesn’t impede team creation, innovation, or momentum. An inflexible work environment does.

  • back to work

Getting Parents Back to Work With Flexibility

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Miranda Gregory of GPS Return is helping to make getting back to work after a career break a normal, accepted, and expected step in every parent’s career.