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  • National Flex Day

3 Ways to Support Work Flexibility on National Flex Day

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Happy National Flex Day! Here are three ways you can support work flexibility -- today, this month, and throughout the year.

Video: What/Why Parents Need to Know About Work Flexibility

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Work flexibility is a must-have for working parents. Learn more from work-life experts Jennifer Owens, Scott Behson, and Rachael Ellison.

The Unconscious Bias that Affects Working Parents Seeking Flexibility

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Given the choice between working fathers and working mothers, who would you say benefits more from flexible work?

Why Work Flexibility Isn’t Scary At All—Even for Scary Mommies

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Last week, the uber popular blog Scary Mommy posted a story called, “Why I Second Guess Hiring Moms.” Here's why it's way off base.

Opting Out? Working Moms Want the Same Thing: Flexibility

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If a parent is to have a fighting chance at performing well in each area of her life, she must be allowed some control over her time.

Flexibility Runs in the Family

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My passion for work flexibility was shaped at an early age as I watched both my mom and my older sister take unconventional paths.