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My Changing Expectations of Work: How Pumping Made Me Reexamine My Job, My Organization, and My Clients

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This flexibility story comes from new mom Ava Kuhlen. Like many moms, her experience of work has changed, but that change came about in an unexpected way.

How Three Women Navigate Work and Motherhood Through Work Flexibility

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These three members of Mom-mentum have used different kinds of work flexibility to navigate the workplace as women with children.

How the Suffragette Movement Relates to Work Flex

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Channel your inner suffragette and speak out for what you need, want, and deserve, which is to work the way that makes sense for a 21st century workforce.

3 Big Takeaways from the “Having It All” Movie and Discussion

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Here are three big takeaways shared with us by people who attended our panel discussion on "Having It All." What did you think?

Video: Having It All Movie Premiere and Webinar

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1MFWF was pleased to join FlexJobs in hosting the online premiere for Having It All, followed by a webinar led by work-family experts.

Ten Years of Flex, and Counting

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Flex makes sense for me, my work, and my family.

How Work Flexibility Can Help with Postpartum Depression

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Here are just a few ways work flexibility can help with postpartum depression.

How One Woman Created Her Own Work Flex

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In this video, a working mother of three tells her story of how she found work-life balance by becoming an entrepreneur.

The Working Mother Conundrum

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Working mothers face a distinct challenge when it comes to work and their own work-life balance.

Work Flex News: Full-Time Workers Increasingly Willing to Work Part-Time, and More

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More and more employees are interested in shifting from full-time work to a part-time schedule in order to find work-life balance.