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How Work Flexibility Became a ‘Must Have’ for Me

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This flexibility story comes from Swati Srivastava, who shares how her flexible work schedule has made a difference in her life.

Work Flexibility Reduces Work-Family Conflict

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A new study reports that work flexibility decreases work-family conflict—good news for the 70 percent of workers struggling to balance work and family.

Is Work-Life Balance Achievable?

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Work flexibility plays a huge factor in having a cohesive work life and family life. But even if you have a flexible job, is work-life balance achievable?

Dreaming of a Flexible World

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I dream of a flexible world, where employees aren't forced to choose work over well-being.

Welcome to 1 Million for Work Flexibility

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Welcome to the 1 Million for Work Flexibility blog! I am so hugely excited about the opportunity this initiative represents on a broad scale.