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Why We Want Work Flexibility: Work-Life Balance

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In order to have work-life balance, your work life and your personal life have to work together, literally, hand in hand. That requires flexibility.

Work Flex News: Work-life Balance ‘Increasingly Stressful for Fathers’, and More

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A new report finds that fathers across the UK view the workplace as being unsupportive of their goals for a healthy work-life balance.

Fox’s Megyn Kelly Chooses New NBC Job for Better Work-Life Balance

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Recent headlines about Megyn Kelly’s move to NBC provide more evidence that offering work flexibility can help companies attract top talent.

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Spotlight on… A Better Balance

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A Better Balance is focused on creating a comprehensive multi-strategy plan to address the issue of work-life balance—and the work-family dilemma.

Can Flexible Work Options Attract Top Talent?

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While many successful companies offer crazy incentives to attract top talent, only a few actually focus on what employees truly need: flexibility.

Work Flex News: The Truth About the Gender Wage Gap, and More

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Sarah Kliff explains the complexities of the gender wage gap with clear language and humorous graphics. Don't miss her piece and more.

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50 Best Companies for Work Flexibility

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Fortune’s new list of the 50 best companies for work flexibility is based off data from 209,000 employees across the U.S.

Work Flex News: Rethinking the Work-Life Equation, and More

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We must stop thinking about flex as a work-life balance issue; rather, it needs to be a gender-neutral and vital aspect of a productive workplace.

Why Culture is Key to Successful Work-Life Balance

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How can businesses overcome an overly aggressive connectivity that can be noxious to company culture and work-life balance?

Make 2016 the Year of #WorkFlex!

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This is the year that you will (finally) ditch your office job and (finally) have work-life balance. Make 2016 the year of #workflex with these five tips.