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Why We Want Work Flexibility: Community Engagement

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Learn more from 1MFWF supporters who have weighed in on why community engagement is one of the benefits of work flexibility.

Why We STILL Want Work Flexibility

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Three years ago, the 1MFWF movement was launched to help ensure that workers have better access to flexibility in when and where they do their jobs.

My Breast Cancer is Gone, But My Need for Work Flexibility Remains

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Here I am. Three years post-breast cancer. And my need for work flexibility remains.

Work Flexibility in the City of Melbourne

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In a new YouTube video, Melbourne City Council workers share why workplace flexibility is important to them.

5 Reasons Why Work Flex is Good for Single Working Women

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When you think of work flexibility, you might assume that working parents are the main beneficiaries. But everyone can benefit from a little work flex.

6 Groups That Benefit from Work Flexibility

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It’s a common misconception that work flexibility is something only working parents want. Here are six other groups that benefit from work flex as well.

How One Mom Fits a Flexible Job into Her Busy Life

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I was doing so much volunteer work while raising my kids that there had to be a way to fit a paycheck into the mix. But it had to be flexible and from home.