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Team Creation, Innovation, and Momentum Thrive in Remote Work Environments

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Let's be clear: working from home doesn’t impede team creation, innovation, or momentum. An inflexible work environment does.

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Work Flex News: More of Us Could Work in Part-Time Roles If They Were Better Designed, and More

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As part of her research at the Queensland University of Technology, Natalie Smith found that there are a number of ways to better design part-time roles.

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Sodexo: Moving Flex Forward

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Sodexo has grown into the 19th largest employer in the world, with 425,000 workers around the globe who serve 75 million consumers per day in 80 countries.

The Business Case: How Work Flexibility Improves Recruiting and Retention

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These four points clearly show the benefits of work flexibility to employee recruitment and retention.

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50 Best Companies for Work Flexibility

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Fortune’s new list of the 50 best companies for work flexibility is based off data from 209,000 employees across the U.S.

Flexibility—Evolve or Get Left Behind

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Organizations must think about workforce planning strategies in new ways to attract, engage and retain talent that demands work flexibility.

The Benefits of Flexible Work for Mature Workers and Their Employers

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Mature workers and flexible work are a match made in heaven. It’s time for companies to start making the most of this win/win.