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Work Flex News: Let Your Workers Rebel, and More

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For companies to support employees performance and innovation, they need to find that balance between freedom and structure.

Work Flex News: New California Law for Working Parents, and More

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As of January 1 2016, a new California law will allow working parents to take up to 40 hours each year to tend to school related matters.

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Author Insights: Brigid Schulte on Finding the Time for What Matters

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Brigid Schulte has spoken all over the world about how to make time for The Good Life by redesigning work cultures and recapturing the value of leisure.

6 Groups That Benefit from Work Flexibility

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It’s a common misconception that work flexibility is something only working parents want. Here are six other groups that benefit from work flex as well.

5 Reasons Why Work Flex Helps with Back to School

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Ask any working parent when they need to have a flexible schedule the most and they’ll most likely tell you it’s during the back-to-school season.