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  • Rural America being supported by work flexibility

Supporting Work Flexibility Helps Rural America Thrive

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Many of the small towns in which rural Americans live often lack the big businesses and organizations that can offer the jobs they want. One way we can bridge this gap is by providing robust, reliable, and affordable broadband connections to rural America.

Remote Work Benefits Rural Economies and Communities

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By hiring remote workers in small rural communities, businesses expand their recruiting pool— and rural economies get a boost.

How Telecommuting Benefits Rural Communities

By |October 30th, 2015|Categories: Remote Work|Tags: , , |

Telecommuting helps workers from all walks of life, but a specific segment of the workforce that benefits is people living in rural areas.

6 Groups That Benefit from Work Flexibility

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It’s a common misconception that work flexibility is something only working parents want. Here are six other groups that benefit from work flex as well.

Work Flexibility Means You Can Go Home Again

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Work flexibility means that my husband and I can have stable careers no matter what corner of the country we want to call home.