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How Flexible Work Is Helping Older Workers with Phased Retirement

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A growing number of older employees, keeping a hand in the professional world, even after reaching retirement age, is appealing. Here's how flexible work is helping these older employees with phased retirement.

Study: Older Americans Would Work Longer With More Flex

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About 40 percent of retirees would be willing to work again if all conditions were the same as at their last job. But that willingness jumps with flex.

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Respectful Exits: The Last Flex Frontier

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Respectful Exits calls on supporters of workplace flexibility and equal opportunity to join a robust campaign to reimagine and reinvent retirement.

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3 Fears of Freelancers—and How to Address Them

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Freelancing comes with its own unique set of circumstances that can make people a bit fearful. Here are three fears of freelancers—and how to address them.

Why We Want Work Flexibility: Career Longevity

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Work flexibility works when it comes to career longevity. It allows you to continue working, but on your terms.

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Author Insights: Diane Mulcahy on The Gig Economy

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Diane Mulcahy's book The Gig Economy is a guide to the world of short-term jobs, contract work, consulting projects, and freelance assignments.

Report Summary: “The Gift of Time: The Allianz Longevity Project,” Allianz Life Insurance Co.

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The average life expectancy in the U.S. is now 30 years longer than it was a century ago. Allianz sought to learn how people feel about those extra years.

Work Flex in Film: The Intern

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Robert De Niro's new movie shows Hollywood's take on work flexibility, and also shows that anyone, of any age, can make a career change.

What You Need to Know About Phased Retirement

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Here’s what you need to know about phased retirement to see if it could potentially be a good option for you.

Work Flex News: Are Remote Workers Better Workers, and More

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By offering remote workers support and freedom, Collage.com has grown substantially both in staffing and profitability.