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  • Lauren Smith Brody

Author Insights: Lauren Smith Brody on the Fifth Trimester

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Lauren Smith Brody is the former executive editor of Glamour magazine, writer, producer, consultant, speaker, and the author of The Fifth Trimester.

Hope Beyond Fibroids: My Fibroids & Infertility Journey

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A regular “9 to 5” would not have been able to accommodate the demands fibroids and infertility made on my body and time.

Growing Flex Trend Lets New Parents Take Babies to Work

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About 200 companies nationwide now offer programs that allow employees to take their babies to work.

  • a better balance

Spotlight on… A Better Balance

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A Better Balance is focused on creating a comprehensive multi-strategy plan to address the issue of work-life balance—and the work-family dilemma.

Work Flexibility Should Not Be Just For Those Who Ask

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Work flexibility should not be just for the people who are in a position to speak up and fight for it.

Top 5 “The Onion” Features on the Workplace

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Never one to shy away from telling it like it is, The Onion’s satirical take on global, national, and local news has skewered the workplace recently.

My Changing Expectations of Work: How Pumping Made Me Reexamine My Job, My Organization, and My Clients

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This flexibility story comes from new mom Ava Kuhlen. Like many moms, her experience of work has changed, but that change came about in an unexpected way.

The Story of Back-to-Work After Baby Through the Lens of Flexibility

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Employees’ parental return after baby is not possible without flexibility from employers.

1MFWF’s Virtual Team Meets in Person for the First Time

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A recent trip to D.C. was a milestone for 1MFWF: Our team including Founder Sara Sutton Fell, Emma Plumb, and Melanie Kaye met in person for the first time.

5 Reasons Why Moms Need Work Flexibility

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With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, here are just five reasons why moms need work flexibility to be their best selves at work and at home.