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  • Katrina Alcorn

Video: Juggling Work and Family as a New Parent—More Joy, Less Stress

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This 1MFWF and ThirdPath Institute webinar featuring Katrina Alcorn focused on increasing the joys of balancing work and family as a new parent.

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Flexibility and Family: Can Event Planners Have Both?

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Greater access to flexible work and leaders who ensure their employees take time off from work when necessary could improve a career as an event planner.

Work Flex News: Beyond Inbox Zero, and More

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Putting in long hours, answering emails on weekends, and general overwork are not new concepts—but why are people working so much?

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Lessons from Investment Banks and the Dangers of Overwork

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When people have autonomy in a workplace, we may have to worry less about them shirking their duties and more about them falling prey to overwork.

Work Flex News: Work Flex is Good for People and Good for Business, and More

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Healthy, happy employees have to be able to set boundaries between home and work, and prioritize.

5 Funny Office Moments on Film

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Nothing beats working from home. Nothing. But these five funny office moments on film may make you nostalgic for your office days—or not...