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Ergonomics 101 for Remote Workers

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Working remotely can be an ergonomic and injury prevention challenge both for remote workers and employers with a remote workforce.

Why I’m Excited for the Next Generation of Flex Workers

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I believe the rising generation of workers is going to do incredible things, accomplishing more than I can imagine and reinventing where and how people work.

Work Flex News: Rethinking the Work-Life Equation, and More

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We must stop thinking about flex as a work-life balance issue; rather, it needs to be a gender-neutral and vital aspect of a productive workplace.

The Coolest, Most Coveted, Creative Offices… in the Cloud

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Where are the world’s best digital office spaces? What are the top digital office designs of our time?

Work Flex News: The Death of the 9-to-5, and More

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The millennial generation is likely to make sure that the 9-5 workday becomes a relic. Learn about this topic and more in these articles not to miss.