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  • Pros and Cons of Telecommuting

This Millennial’s Take: Pros and Cons of Telecommuting

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The full potential of telecommuting will only be known when it is made widely available and integrated as a conventional workplace practice.

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Flexibility and Family: Can Event Planners Have Both?

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Greater access to flexible work and leaders who ensure their employees take time off from work when necessary could improve a career as an event planner.

  • health and work

Work Flexibility as a Means to Promote Health and Work Performance

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There are many benefits an employee can reap from exercising, all of which will in turn create value for employers as well.

  • Employee Empowerment

Employee Empowerment: The Path To Work-Life Effectiveness

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To have satisfied employees, it is essential to support employees' overall well-being. Grocery store chain Wegmans demonstrates why that's important.

  • Flexible work arrangements

The Changing American Workforce Needs Flexible Work Arrangements

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The US labor force is changing in drastic ways, and as a result it only makes sense to ensure that flexible work arrangements are available to more people.

  • promoting mental health

Supervisor Support and Work Flexibility: A Winning Combination in Promoting Mental Health

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Current research shows that mental health supports in the workplace—including supervisory support and increased work flexibility—can be a game changer.

Flextime and Predictable Schedules: It’s Time to Re-Imagine Work

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Flextime can increase production and minimize turnover in a way that benefits both employers and employees, shares Ithaca College student Olivia Abry.

Child Care Options in the Workplace Benefit All

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Parents who lack child care support in the workplace have higher rates of employee tardiness and absenteeism, warns Ithaca College student Alexis Barbag.

The Benefits of Workplace Support for Breastfeeding

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Employers should be required to provide reasonable time and space for a nursing mother to breastfeed, says Ithaca College student Carolyn Rush.

Why Many Fathers Do Not Take Parental Leave

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Ithaca College student Yanilsa Frias asks, Is there anything employers can do to create more equal use of parental leave policies? And should they?