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  • Work flexibility offers needed boost to military spouses

Work Flexibility Offers Needed Boost to Military Spouses

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While honoring those who are active personnel in the military, we should also take a moment to remember sacrifices made by soldiers’ family members. And one way to help military spouses, in particular, is to offer flexible work options.

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Survey: Military Families Face Many Challenges; Flexibility Could Help

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For military families, work flexibility may be an absolute necessity, as a recent report from Blue Star Families highlights.

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Hiring Military Personnel and Veterans Is Smart Business. Work Flex Can Help.

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1MFWF Director Emma Plumb leads PsychArmor's new free course, “Supporting Veterans, Family Members & Wounded Warrior Caregivers with Flexible Work Options."

Why We Want Work Flexibility: Military Service

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Here are some of the reasons why workplace flexibility is crucial, straight from military service professionals and their families.

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Take 5: USDOL VETS on Supporting Veteran Careers

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As we mark Veterans Day today, 1MFWF is proud to share our interview with the team at USDOL VETS about the work they do to support veteran careers.

Work Flexibility Has Given Me a PCS Proof Career

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This Military Spouse Appreciation Day, take a moment to consider the very real struggle that military spouses face when it comes to their careers.

Honor Our Armed Forces By Expanding Work Flexibility

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You might think of working parents as the primary audience for work flexibility. But veterans from all of the U.S. Armed Forces need flexible work, too.

6 Groups That Benefit from Work Flexibility

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It’s a common misconception that work flexibility is something only working parents want. Here are six other groups that benefit from work flex as well.

Why Military Spouses Want (and Require) Work Flexibility

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Flexiblity is a must-have for military spouses, who face constant unknowns and the potential for sudden deployment, training separations, and relocations.