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Work Flex News: FlexJobs’ 100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs in 2018, and More

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FlexJobs, 1MFWF's sister website, has released its fifth annual survey of the top 100 companies with remote jobs.

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Work Flex News: Dad Wearing His Newborn to Work, and More

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Tom Williams, a Chicago-based chiropractor, made headlines recently when the word spread about how he takes his newborn to work.

How to Find Flexible Work

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Today it is easier than ever to find what once seemed to be a pipe dream: a position that has flexibility built into the role.

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Author Insights: Kerry Hannon on The New Rules for Career Happiness

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Kerry Hannon is a nationally recognized expert on career transitions, personal finance, and retirement.

Work Flex News: Best Father’s Day Gift, and More

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For a true Father's Day gift, help working fathers find the support they need to juggle career and family. Learn about this topic and more.

Flexibility as Currency in Job Negotiations

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What is flexibility worth? Does it have value in job negotiations? The answer is yes.

Video: Employers Who Embrace Flexibility (and Are Hiring!)

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Learn about how flexible companies Appen, PGi, and Convergys embrace flex as well as the range of available flexible positions on the job market today.

3 Steps to Take Before Pursuing Flexible Work

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Before you dive into your search for job that gives you the flexibility you crave, here are a few initial steps to take to help ensure a successful outcome.