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Why Work Flexibility Isn’t “Just a Fantasy”

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For parents desperate to find some way to juggle responsibilities at work and at home, the promise of work flexibility is like a beacon of hope. They tell themselves that, if they can just find the right position that lets them shift hours or work from home, everything will be fine. […]

6 Great TED Talks About Work Flexibility

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Whether it's shifting hours, telecommuting, going part-time, or choosing some other option, flexibility is a popular trend in workplaces around the world. To provide a taste of the direction these conversations have headed during the last decade or so, here are six TED Talks that touch on flexibility and its effect on the world of work.

Does New Jersey Discrimination Law Cover Out-of-State Telecommuters?

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Companies that hire remote workers generally assume those telecommuters will be covered by the employment laws, including discrimination law, of the states in which they live. But a recent ruling by a New Jersey appellate court may force at least some businesses to reconsider that assumption.

Spotlight on UnitedHealth Group

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As a company, UnitedHealth Group is dedicated to providing the best possible care for its customers. And as an employer, the healthcare giant shows the same level of dedication to its employees. Here are 5 facts about UnitedHealth Group, a 1 Million for Work Flexibility partner, and its mission to helping others.