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Work Flex in Film: I Don’t Know How She Does It

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The movie I Don’t Know How She Does It provides viewers with three main tips for balancing work and personal obligations.

  • Brigid Schulte

Author Insights: Brigid Schulte on Finding the Time for What Matters

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Brigid Schulte has spoken all over the world about how to make time for The Good Life by redesigning work cultures and recapturing the value of leisure.

Today’s Ideal Worker is Not the Same As Yesterday’s

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Rethinking the ideal worker archetype is not only beneficial for families, but for employers as well, notes Ithaca College student Alessandra Tantawi.

Raising Children with Special Needs—Are Mothers Disabled Too?

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Workplace support is pivotal for families raising children with special needs, note Hannah Steinfeld and Yanilsa Frias, students at Ithaca College.