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4 Major Ways Work Flexibility Has Improved Our Productivity

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At BambooHR, not only are our employees thankful and appreciative for the flexibility given them, but they attribute a large portion of their success to it.

  • Kerry Hannon

Author Insights: Kerry Hannon on The New Rules for Career Happiness

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Kerry Hannon is a nationally recognized expert on career transitions, personal finance, and retirement.

Work Flex News: Super Bowl Festivities Challenge Work-Week Commute, and More

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Bad weather and highway construction aren't the only things that can mess with a commute: Super Bowl 50 is already impacting travel in the Bay Area.

Work Flex News: Why Work Flex Is Key To Happiness, and More

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Employers can provide work flex as a key way to help keep employees engaged, happy, and productive.

Work Flex News: 3 Ways to Tackle Work-Life Balance, and More

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Understanding the different ways people approach work-life balance allows for better adoption of effective work policies. Learn about this topic and more.

Confessions of a Telecommuter: I’m Happier Because I Work From Home

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Hands down, the biggest benefit of being a telecommuter is being a happier person.