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Work Flex News: France Proposes Ignoring Work Emails After Hours, and More

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In France, a new email ban is being considered by the government to help workers re-establish boundaries between work and life.

Davos and the Future of Work

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This year at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos, there were several themes in the area of work flexibility. Here's a look at three of the key takeaways.

Work Flex News: New California Law for Working Parents, and More

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As of January 1 2016, a new California law will allow working parents to take up to 40 hours each year to tend to school related matters.

Video: How to Improve Team Performance with Work Flexibility

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In this webinar, Kyra Cavanaugh of Life Meets Work shares how to improve team performance by engaging in six specific conversations.

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Author Insights: Josh Allan Dykstra on Igniting the Invisible Tribe

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Josh Allan Dykstra, a thought leader on the future of work and company culture design, talks with us about his latest book, Igniting the Invisible Tribe.

Work Flex News: Long Hours Make You Less Productive, and More

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Putting in more hours equates to getting more done, right? Wrong. Read on to learn about this topic and more in these articles not to miss.

How Flex Work Is Impacting Business Collaboration

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Flex work has had a major impact on technology and business trends, loosening work and collaboration from the binds of location and time.