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Life in an Inflexible Office

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Although it’s a dramatic reenactment of office life, this YouTube video will certainly strike a chord with many current (and former) office employees.

Can Your Job Be a Flexible Job?

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In theory, almost any job can indeed be a flexible job. You just have to figure out what type of flex matters most to you.

Video: Requesting Telecommuting, Part-Time, and Flexible Arrangements from Your Employer

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Wondering how to request flex from your employer? Find out how to ask for and achieve the flexibility you need from experts Jessica DeGroot and Paul Rupert.

5 Resources for Requesting Flexibility as an Employee

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There are many resources that can help you achieve your goal of greater work flexibility. Here are just a few of them.

7 Reasons to Date Someone With Work Flexibility

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The benefits of work flexibility may surprise you. For example, here are a few reasons why dating someone with work flex makes for a match made in heaven.

5 Reasons Why Work Flex Helps with Back to School

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Ask any working parent when they need to have a flexible schedule the most and they’ll most likely tell you it’s during the back-to-school season.

Why Work Flexibility Isn’t Scary At All—Even for Scary Mommies

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Last week, the uber popular blog Scary Mommy posted a story called, “Why I Second Guess Hiring Moms.” Here's why it's way off base.

Is Flextime Hurting Your Performance Review?

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We must change how we speak about flextime because flexibility is not actually about time. It’s about working smarter.

Not a Morning Person? Beware of “Morning Bias”

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Are you a morning person? If not, the results of a new study might make you think twice about hitting that snooze button.