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How-to Guide: How to Ask for Flexibility

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Here are a few steps to follow as you prepare to ask for flexibility at work.

Start the New Year with a Request for Flex

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Start off the New Year with a request for flex with these 5 flex-friendly tips.

Work Flex News: New California Law for Working Parents, and More

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As of January 1 2016, a new California law will allow working parents to take up to 40 hours each year to tend to school related matters.

How to Make Work Flexibility Work

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Getting your boss to agree to let you work from home can be a tough sell. But what happens after you get the green light to work remotely?

How to Succeed In a Job Share

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Defined as one full-time job split between two part-time employees, a job share can be an excellent way to find the work-life balance you need.

How to Ask for a Flexible Schedule

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It’s one thing to know why you need a flexible schedule, but another to know how to ask for it.

Labor Leads by Example on Work Flexibility

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Expanding access to work flexibility for all employees is a priority for the U.S. Department of Labor and the federal government as a whole.

Reclaiming My Schedule

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This flexibility story comes to us from Christie Peretti. After spending 20 years in a high-stress career, Christie reclaimed control with a flexible job.

Work Flex News: Work Flex Options for Families, and More

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At the White House Conference on Aging, President Obama said part of addressing the issue of an aging workforce is providing work flex and family leave.

Work Flex News: Why Work Flex Is Key To Happiness, and More

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Employers can provide work flex as a key way to help keep employees engaged, happy, and productive.