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The Business Case: How Work Flexibility Benefits the Environment

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Flexible work can have significant worldwide benefits, and as we once again celebrate Earth Day, it's time to think globally.

Work Flex News: How Working From Home Can Help You Go Green, and More

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Companies like Dell, Xerox, and Aetna are finding that telecommuting has a positive environmental impact. Learn about this topic and more.

Video: How to Use Flex Work to Make Your Job More Green

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Learn from Green Business Bureau VP Kevin Ng and FlexJobs HR director Carol Cochran about the many ways you can use flex work to make your job more green.

Why Work Flexibility is Good for the Environment

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Working from home has many benefits. But perhaps the biggest advantage to telecommuting is how it helps the environment, one workday at a time.

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Spotlight On… the Green Business Bureau

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The Green Business Bureau helps eco-friendly businesses gain a competitive business advantage by touting their green business certification.

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Author Insights: Charles Siegel on the Politics of Simple Living

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Charles Siegel, author of The Politics of Simple Living, explains the potential economic and social benefits of work-time choice.

A Call for the “Right to Request” in Berkeley

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In Berkeley, CA, we are calling on the government to pass a “right-to-request law”—not only to benefit families, but also to benefit the environment.

Support Work Flexibility on Earth Day

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Today on Earth Day, let’s take special note of the fact that work flexibility is good for the environment. Here are four reasons why.