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Taking the Leap From a Corporate Job to a Remote Startup

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My cofounder and I want to show people that you can indeed work from a beach, or work from home so you can be close to your family, and still be productive.

Location Independence Frees You to Travel the World

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For many, traveling the world is a dream. As a remote worker, you have the ability to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle and make that dream a reality.

Work Flex News: The Invention of Telecommuting, and More

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The origins of telecommuting can be traced back to a 1973 book called The Telecommunications-Transportation Tradeoff by Jack Nilles, a former NASA engineer.

  • Amber Hoffman

Take 5: Amber Hoffman on Life as a Digital Nomad

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Amber Hoffman is a recovering attorney and perpetual nomad who explores the world with her husband Eric blogging about their "Adventures in Food."

Using Flex to Get the Most Enjoyment Out of the End of Summer

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Summertime and flex are a match made in heaven. Here’s how to use flex to get the most enjoyment out of the final weeks of summer.

Now Trending in Remote Work: The Digital Nomad

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Telecommuters are taking work-life balance to a whole new level by traveling the world and working at the same time. They call themselves "digital nomads."

Work Flex News: Work From Anywhere but Home, and More

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The "digital nomad" trend continues to grow. Learn about this topic and more in these articles not to miss.