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5 Connections Between Mental Health and Flexible Work Options

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Flexible work options play a very direct role in people’s well-being when it comes to work, stress, and mental health.

3 Unexpected Lessons I’ve Learned Working For A Company That Values Work Flexibility

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There are some surprising things I've learned in my new position that have come to shape the way I’ll look at working for the remainder of my career.

The Business Case: Why the Brain Needs Work Flexibility

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The brain works better, delivering more creative and innovative thoughts and ideas, when it has downtime. In other words, the brain needs work flexibility.

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Author Insights: Reva Seth on The MomShift

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Reva Seth is the best-selling author of The MomShift: Women Share Their Stories of Career Success After Children.

Working On Your Own Terms

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This flexibility story comes from Katsiaryna Hubchyk, who has created the flexibility she needs to work on her own terms.

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Take 5: Lonnie Golden on the Economics of Work Flexibility and Worker Happiness

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Lonnie Golden is a Professor of Economics and Labor & Employment Relations at Penn State University, Abington College.

Research Explainer: “Gender Discrepancies in the Outcomes of Schedule Control on Overtime Hours and Income in Germany,” European Sociological Review

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A new study shows that people who have more control over their schedules tend to work longer hours than those who have less control.

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Lessons from Investment Banks and the Dangers of Overwork

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When people have autonomy in a workplace, we may have to worry less about them shirking their duties and more about them falling prey to overwork.

Why Ultradian Rhythms Matter at Work

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By figuring out when you have your peak energy, you can not only be in tune with your ultradian rhythm, but also be your most productive.

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Author Insights: Charles Siegel on the Politics of Simple Living

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Charles Siegel, author of The Politics of Simple Living, explains the potential economic and social benefits of work-time choice.