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Why Flexibility Is Great for Productivity: Kantaro and the Five-Hour Workday

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Have you ever considered allowing your employees to work a five-hour workday? If you're looking to boost productivity, you may want to consider it. Here's why.

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What 28-Hour Workweek in Germany Means for Flexibility 

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German metal workers secured a major victory in their fight for increased work flexibility earlier this month, when their union finalized a deal that secures the right to a 28-hour workweek.

4 Tips To Make Your Current Job More Flexible

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What if you could tailor your job to fit your work/life needs? You may be surprised to find that to make your job more flexible, you just have to ask.

Work Flex News: It’s Time to Kill the 9-to-5, and More

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Being hung up on the clock doesn’t actually make sense for most people, and ends up costing employers thousands of dollars a year.

Labor Leads by Example on Work Flexibility

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Expanding access to work flexibility for all employees is a priority for the U.S. Department of Labor and the federal government as a whole.

Thinking Outside the Box: Work Flex Works in Manufacturing

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A new toolkit illustrates how the manufacturing industry can make flexible work a reality.

No One Size Fits All in Flexible Work

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By its very definition, workplace flexibility is just that—flexible. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to flexible work.

Work Flex News: Best Father’s Day Gift, and More

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For a true Father's Day gift, help working fathers find the support they need to juggle career and family. Learn about this topic and more.

International Examples of Work Flex in Action

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Companies in countries worldwide are adopting workplace flexibility as the norm and reaping the benefits of work flex in action.