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Limited Flexible Job Options Condemning Thousands to Poverty

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A new UK study reports that hundreds of thousands are out of work or ‘trapped’ in low-paying jobs because too many employers refuse to offer flexibility.

Honor Our Armed Forces By Expanding Work Flexibility

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You might think of working parents as the primary audience for work flexibility. But veterans from all of the U.S. Armed Forces need flexible work, too.

Why Work Flex is Critical for People with Cancer

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here are just a few reasons why flex work is a necessity for those with cancer—and those who serve as caregivers.

Work Flex News: The Best Companies for Working Moms, and More

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Working Mother released its annual 100 Best Companies list this week, highlighting the best employers offering flexibility, paid time off, and more.

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Author Insights: Nancy Collamer on Second-Act Careers

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Author Nancy Collamer discusses her book: Second-Act Careers: 50+ Ways to Profit From Your Passions During Semi-Retirement.

4 Reasons Why Flex is Crucial For Caregivers

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Whether it’s for an older parent, a spouse, or a close friend, it’s estimated that 42 million Americans are currently caring for a loved one.

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Author Insights: Ai-jen Poo on the Age of Dignity

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Ai-jen Poo, activist and author of The Age of Dignity, talks with us about the need for a new approach to caregiving in America.

Life in an Inflexible Office

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Although it’s a dramatic reenactment of office life, this YouTube video will certainly strike a chord with many current (and former) office employees.

Child Care Options in the Workplace Benefit All

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Parents who lack child care support in the workplace have higher rates of employee tardiness and absenteeism, warns Ithaca College student Alexis Barbag.

Raising Children with Special Needs—Are Mothers Disabled Too?

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Workplace support is pivotal for families raising children with special needs, note Hannah Steinfeld and Yanilsa Frias, students at Ithaca College.