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Flexibility and Family: Can Event Planners Have Both?

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Greater access to flexible work and leaders who ensure their employees take time off from work when necessary could improve a career as an event planner.

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5 Tips for Small Business Owners, Founders

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For some people, the ultimate step toward building a flexible career comes in striking out on their own. Here are five things to remember along the way.

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Can You Be Part-Time in the C-Suite?

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When you’re running the company, you’re expected to be available 24/7. But there’s a new breed of C-Suite executives who are debunking that myth.

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Respectful Exits: The Last Flex Frontier

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Respectful Exits calls on supporters of workplace flexibility and equal opportunity to join a robust campaign to reimagine and reinvent retirement.

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3 Fears of Freelancers—and How to Address Them

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Freelancing comes with its own unique set of circumstances that can make people a bit fearful. Here are three fears of freelancers—and how to address them.

  • Lauren Smith Brody

Author Insights: Lauren Smith Brody on the Fifth Trimester

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Lauren Smith Brody is the former executive editor of Glamour magazine, writer, producer, consultant, speaker, and the author of The Fifth Trimester.

Why We Want Work Flexibility: Career Longevity

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Work flexibility works when it comes to career longevity. It allows you to continue working, but on your terms.

How I’ve Used Flex to Pursue My Passion in Personal Training

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With fate, organization, and courage, I’ve been able to pursue my passion for personal training while paying bills and living a comfortable life.

Report Summary: “The Gift of Time: The Allianz Longevity Project,” Allianz Life Insurance Co.

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The average life expectancy in the U.S. is now 30 years longer than it was a century ago. Allianz sought to learn how people feel about those extra years.

Fox’s Megyn Kelly Chooses New NBC Job for Better Work-Life Balance

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Recent headlines about Megyn Kelly’s move to NBC provide more evidence that offering work flexibility can help companies attract top talent.