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Video: How to Use Flex Work to Make Your Job More Green

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Learn from Green Business Bureau VP Kevin Ng and FlexJobs HR director Carol Cochran about the many ways you can use flex work to make your job more green.

Support Work Flexibility on Earth Day

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Today on Earth Day, let’s take special note of the fact that work flexibility is good for the environment. Here are four reasons why.

Let’s All Telework Together for Telework Week 2014

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If you've never worked from home before, now is the time to try it! Join me and pledge your participation in “Telework Week” 2014.

Combating the Negative Nellies on Telecommuting

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I've heard a lot in recent months from the media as well as corporate executives that telework is just a "gimmick." Here are just a few reasons why the negative nellies are wrong about telecommuting.