As a company, UnitedHealth Group is dedicated to providing the best possible care for its customers. And as an employer, the healthcare giant shows the same level of dedication to its employees.

Here are 5 facts about UnitedHealth Group, a 1 Million for Work Flexibility partner, and its mission to helping others:

It promotes work flexibility.

At UnitedHealth Group, over 25% of employees telecommute. Considering that the company has over 260,000 workers worldwide, that’s about 65,000 people who have work/life flexibility.

“UnitedHealth Group has developed and implemented work practices and technologies for about 15 years that enable our employees to work in secure settings that are more agile, flexible and remote,” says Will Holman, Director of Communications. “We recognize the value that a work-at-home arrangement has for both the employee and the company, and continue to look at innovative approaches to increase job satisfaction, reduce attrition, improve performance, and most importantly, deliver value to our customers.”

Top performance is a must.

In-office and remote workers alike are expected to do their best at all times. In offering advice on their careers page, the company states: “Ask yourself if you have what it takes to perform at the next level when working remotely. High-quality results are not just applauded, they’re expected.”

Some employees might begin by working in an office environment, but then be given the option to telecommute. “After meeting and exceeding job expectations,

[employees] have the option in the future to telecommute,” says Holman.

Strong communications skills are key.

While good communication skills are paramount when it comes to working well with others, it’s everything when you’re working remotely. “As a telecommuter, especially at UnitedHealth Group, it’s even more important to create positive relationships with coworkers; in fact, it’s one of the top reasons to work here,” reads the company’s site. “When working from home, your communication skills will provide the resources needed to get the job done in an efficient and successful manner.”

UnitedHealth Group offers various types of flexible work options.

According to Holman, UnitedHealth Group offers several telecommuting models and continues to pilot new ways of working, some of which include:

  • Hybrid Work-at-home/Office (leveraging a desk share program or mobile work environments).
  • Train in the office, and deploy to full time telecommuting upon successful completion of training.
  • Train in the office and deploy to hybrid telecommuting upon successful completion of training.
  • Train virtually and remain in a telecommuting status upon hire.

The company offers assistance.

If you haven’t worked remotely before, you might wonder if you have the chops to make telecommuting work for you. That’s why UnitedHealth Group offers a recruiter chat for those interested in working for the company. Designed to help job seekers decide if remote work is right for them or not, the recruiter chat offers information on various jobs within the company that can be done remotely, and how it can all be done. Says Holman: “Candidates can learn more about determining if telecommuting is a fit for them and other career tips via our careers blog.

To learn more about UnitedHealth Group and check out its current telecommuting positions, visit or FlexJobs!

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