Many companies struggle with creating a workforce that is at once happy, engaged, and productive. But in order to achieve that, it’s imperative to make the workplace great. And that’s where Great Work Cultures comes into play.

Spotlight on Great Work Cultures

The overarching goal of Great Work Cultures is to help restructure organizations so that an emphasis is placed on creating value for the people the company serves. The mindset is more about collaboration (and less about control), favoring human experience over bureaucratic rules, and making networks work over hierarchies.

According to Great Work Cultures, less than 20% of workers are satisfied with their jobs. Since great workplaces tend to be the exception rather than the rule, Great Work Cultures wants to change that. By being respectful of workers, it can empower them to produce even greater work than they ever imagined, and in turn, making the company greater than before. But in order for it to all work, it has to be an ongoing process that requires a buy-in from both top-tier management right through to every team leader and employee.

Great Work Cultures hopes to make workplaces that are respectful of its employees more of the norm rather than the exception. One way to achieve that, they believe, it by sharing success stories of how mutually respectful work environments make a positive impact on its workers. To that end, Great Work Cultures is advocating Holacracy. A framework for organizations to help restructure their business to make it more respectful of employee expertise and drives innovation, Holacracy would help companies eliminate egos and focus instead on employee authority and responsibility.

Great Work Cultures has a variety of initiatives that it hopes will help make this way of work more accessible to people everywhere. For starters, the Respect & Empower Emblem can be displayed on a company’s website to show its support of a respectful workplace. The Business School Project aims to reach out to business schools and undergrad professors to help teach students about respect-based management practices before entering the workforce. And the Hollywood Project hopes to encourage the entertainment industry to represent the workplace in a positive way.

Great Work Cultures is an inspiring organization that is dedicated to making the world of work respectful to all and way to reshape people’s views of how the workplace can—and should—be.

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