1 Million for Work Flexibility has more than 100 organizations on board to date as part of our coalition—and counting. We’re pleased to share more information about our supporter A Better Balance in today’s “Spotlight On…” post.

Founded by a group of lawyers who had worked together on women’s rights and economic issues, A Better Balance is focused on creating a comprehensive multi-strategy plan to address the issue of work-life balance—and the work-family dilemma. With a rich history of building coalitions, developing new legislation and educating not only employers, but labor unions as well as the public on economic justice issues that are relevant to women, A Better Balance’s goal is to “make society more hospitable to families by promoting and supporting policies that would allow parents to remain in the workforce without compromising the well-being of their families,” according to its website.

Some of the issues that A Better Balance tackles are the need for paid sick leave, the need for paid family leave, and the importance of care work.  According to A Better Balance, many of the workplace policies that we know today were created over 50 years ago, in a different time when many families had at least one parent at home full-time. Today, 70 percent of children are growing up in families with either two working parents or headed by one single parent. A Better Balance seeks to change the laws and policies to better reflect the way Americans live—and work—in today’s world.

A Better Balance has many resources for those who are in need of assistance, including free legal advice around the NYC Earned Sick Time Act. Their book and associated website Babygate: Surviving Pregnancy and Parenting in the Workplace is a guide for expecting and new parents about their workplace rights. There are also resources on subjects like fairness in the workplace, LGBT workers with health and caregiving needs, and press releases that can keep you updates on all the latest that A Better Balance is doing. People who want to support ABB can sign a petition supporting the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA), share their personal story, or donate to the organization.

Dina Bakst, Co-Founder & Co-President, shares, “A Better Balance is a part of the 1 Million for Work Flexibility movement because workers should not have to choose between having a career and having a family. Flexibility allows workers to be there for their families when they need it most—when welcoming a new baby, dealing with a emergency, or a medical crisis. Implementing flexible laws and policies means a happier, more productive, and healthier workforce for all.”

As you strive for balance in both your professional and personal life, it’s good to know that organizations such as A Better Balance understand your struggles, and are tirelessly working to make American workers’ lives happier, productive—and better balanced.

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