We need your help!

Work flexibility is important for a wide variety of reasons. Many of you have shared with us brief but compelling reasons around why you’ve joined the 1 Million for Work Flexibility movement. We’d love to transform some of these into blog posts and/or photos that can be shared across social channels so we can put faces behind these moving words and inspire others to join.

If you are interested in sharing your story more widely, please send your photo and/or a few paragraphs (max 750 words) about why work flexibility is important to you to info@workflexibility.org. Although we may not be able to publish every submission in full, we value all contributions and hope to share as many of them as possible on social media and/or on our blog. We will carefully review all submissions and let you know if yours is to be posted.

Thank you so much for considering and for being a part of 1 Million for Work Flexibility!

photo credit: thinkstockphotos.com