My Boss Said No to Flexibility. Now What?

Mindful Return recommends workers consult 1MFWF for resources on how to make the business case for work flexibility when asking one’s boss for a flexible work arrangement.
Mindful Return | October 27, 2019

Reversing the Rural Brain Drain with Remote Working

Curbed highlights a new network of rural tech hubs geared for remote workers and meant to attract top talent to smaller towns.
Curbed | February 12, 2019

Yes, please, and thank you: You need soft skills if you want to go far, reveals LinkedIn report

Your Story spotlights four key trends from LinkedIn’s 2019 Global Talent Trends report, including workplace flexibility.
YourStory | January 30, 2019

Workplace flexibility is no longer a perk, it’s a requirement

Yahoo Finance explains why workplace flexibility has become an employee expectation rather than just a perk.
Yahoo Finance | January 28, 2019

How Breastfeeding And Pumping Impact Women’s Postpartum Employment

A Plus explains the importance of supporting moms in the workplace who choose to breastfeed.
a plus | November 1, 2018

Here’s A Great Reason Not To Go To The Office Tuesday- It’s National Flex Day

Forbes honors the five year anniversary of National Flex Day and examines the state of remote work in 2018.
Forbes | October 15, 2018

Women Job Seekers Should Target Small Employers That Can Better Offer Work Flexibility

Entrepreneur discusses the increased number of flexible work opportunities at smaller companies.
Entrepreneur | October 9, 2018

Action Items at a Distance

Slate discusses how remote work arrangements are changing the boss-employee relationship.
Slate | August 29, 2018

Convert Your Office Job To A Work-From-Home Arrangement

Forbes highlights tried-and-true tips to switch to a telecommuting arrangement with your boss.
Forbes | June 13, 2018

Bill Gates Gave Some Brilliant Management Advice on Hiring the Best People. Here It Is in 2 Sentences

Inc. Magazine highlights 1 Million for Work Flexibility as a resource for employees seeking to convince their employers to allow them to work from home.
Inc. Magazine | May 23 2018

An Unequal Division of Labor

The Center for American Progress details how equitable workplace policies would benefit working mothers.
Center for American Progress | May 18, 2018

Is Working From Home Better For You?

Forbes talks with Sara Sutton Fell about the benefits of remote work.
Forbes | February 18, 2018

Germans Seek to Use Tech Gains to Free Up Time—Will the US Ever Follow?

Nonprofit quarterly details the benefits of work flexibility not only for employees, but for companies as well.
Nonprofit Quarterly | February 6, 2018

Why Flexible Work Arrangements May Be Better For You And Your Company

Leaderonomics discusses the benefits of remote work for employees and employers.
Leaderonomics | January 12, 2018

Snow Days Require Clear HR Policies and Expectations

Work flexibility can help an organization handle unexpected events including inclement weather.
HR Certification Institute | January 9 2018.

Marginalia outlines seven unique strategies to approach managers about a remote work arrangement.

Strategies to convince your boss to work from home.
a plus | January 6, 2018

Emma Plumb and Work Flexibility

John Francis, founder of virtual recruitment and retention firm Theonera Inc. and host of the podcast Work Passion Fit, interviews Emma Plumb about her passion for work flexibility.
Work Passion Fit Podcast | January 3 2018.

Don’t Blame Remote Work for Your Business Failures

WorkSpace Today warns that just because flex may be unfamiliar, it shouldn’t be blamed for failures.
WorkSpace Today | November 30 2017.

Flexible Work Options for PhD and Postdoctoral Researchers

Enago highlights the value of flexible work for PhD graduates.
Enago | November 29 2017.

Enago Partners with 1 Million for Work Flexibility to Promote Alternative Employment Options

Enago announces joining the 1MFWF coalition.
Enago | November 9 2017.

You are likely already working a flexible work schedule … sort of

The Pasadena Star-News covers the 1MFWF National Flex Day webinar.
Pasadena Star-News | October 20 2017.

Should flexible work be the default option for most jobs?

HR Dive offers insights in light of 1MFWF’s National Flex Day webinar.
HR Dive | October 20 2017.

Why Bosses Don’t Like Work Flexibility and How to Change Their Minds

The Penny Hoarder shares takeaways from 1MFWF’s National Flex Day webinar.
The Penny Hoarder | October 19 2017.

We Have Seen the Future of Work and It’s Completely Flexible

Levo League recaps the 1MFWF National Flex Day webinar.
Levo League | October 18 2017.

How to Ask For More Flexibility at Work

Mother Magazine shares details from 1MFWF’s guide to asking for work flexibility.
Mother | October 17 2017.

Happy National Flex Day!
Does your Organization Have a Unique Business Case for Flexibility?

1MFWF supporter The Diversity & Flexibility Alliance celebrates National Flex Day.
Diversity & Flexibility Alliance | October 17 2017.

Why flex for all could vanquish the gender pay gap

On National Flex Day, Work Muse shares how work flexibility could impact gender equality.
Work Muse | October 17 2017.

Thoughts on Podcasts & National Flex Day

Bauer College Dean Latha Ramchand highlights National Flex Day and the value of work flexibility.
C. T. Bauer College of Business | October 17 2017.

Why Thinking Flex Work is Dead is a Big Mistake

WorkSpace Today interviews Emma Plumb on National Flex Day.
WorkSpace Today | October 17 2017.

The Importance of Prioritizing Motherhood in Your Child’s First 3 Years

In this interview, author and parenting guidance expert Erica Komisar notes her support for 1 Million for Work Flexibility and flexibility for working parents.
Mother | October 11 2017.

5 Ways to Celebrate National Flex Day

Blogger, working mom, and #1MFWF supporter LadydeeLG shares how to celebrate National Flex Day.
LadydeeLG | October 11 2017.

Badger Maps partners with 1 Million for Work Flexibility

Badger Maps announces its support for 1MFWF and National Flex Day.
Badger Maps | October 10 2017.

What Is National Flex Day?

Working Mother shares details on National Flex Day.
Working Mother | October 10 2017.

How to Talk Your Boss Into Letting You Have a Flexible Schedule highlights 1MFWF’s step-by-step guide to asking for work flexibility. | October 10 2017.

How Does She Do It? A Conversation with Emma Plumb.

“How Does She Do It?” is a podcast from the C. T. Bauer College of Business focusing on work, life and everything in between. This episode features 1MFWF director Emma Plumb.
C. T. Bauer College of Business | October 3 2017.

Remote Work Improves Morale, But Does It Boost The Bottom Line?

WorkSpace Today highlights how remote work benefits the bottom line.
WorkSpace Today | September 28 2017.

How to negotiate a flexible schedule with your company

TechRepublic identifies how to negotiate work flexibility, with tips from Emma Plumb and 1MFWF.
TechRepublic | September 4 2017.

This Guide Will Explain How to Ask Your Boss for More Flexibility at Work

1MFWF’s guide to asking for flexibility is featured, with insight from Emma Plumb.
The Penny Hoarder | September 1 2017.

Work Muse joins 1 Million for Work Flexibility. Why it matters.

Work Muse announces that they’ve joined the 1MFWF coalition, and outlines why we need flexible work now more than ever.
Work Muse | August 3 2017.

Fixing Uber’s Failings with a Lesson from Its Successes

1MFWF director Emma Plumb suggests that Uber’s diverse driver base offers a lesson in flexibility.
LinkedIn | July 31 2017.

New Legislation Puts Flexible Work In The Spotlight

Manon DeFelice, founder and CEO of Inkwell, outlines the latest news in flexwork legislation, with input from 1MFWF.
Forbes | July 6 2017.

2017 Litchfield’s “The Most Influential, Giving, Talented, Interesting People”

Townvibe Litchfield CT recognizes 1MFWF director Emma Plumb on their 2017 “Most Influential” list.
Townvibe Litchfield | June 20 2017.

1 Million for Work Flexibility and Beewake

Coworking hub Beewake announces that they’ve joined the 1MFWF coalition.
Forbes | June 14 2017.

Work Flexibility Is No Longer Just A Corporate Issue

Forbes contributor and founder of the Optimistic Millennial Kaytie Zimmerman emphasizes the benefits of work flexibility for employers and employees.
Forbes | June 11 2017.

8 Little-Known Laws Governing Flexible Work highlights 1MFWF’s policy page. | June 2 2017.

The Status of “Flexible Work” – Interview with Emma Plumb of 1MFWF

WorkSpace Today, edited by Polycom emloyees, interviews Emma Plumb about flexible work.
WorkSpace Today | May 10 2017.

Why 2017 Is The Year To Make The Entrepreneurial Leap

1MFWF is cited as a resource for making virtual work the norm. | May 4 2017.

New overtime bill allows employers to offer time off instead of cash

USAToday covers the Working Families Flexibility Act, with quotes from Ross Eisenbrey’s op-ed on the 1MFWF blog.
USAToday | May 3 2017.

Workplace Mental Health

International radio show and podcast Not Broken® Radio, focused on having an open and honest discussion about mental health and disabilities, interviews Emma Plumb about how work flexibility relates to mental health.
Not Broken Radio | May 1 2017.

Bending the Boundaries of the Timeclock

In this piece about 1 Million for Work Flexibility and the changing face of work, author Emily Clingman features insights from Emma Plumb as well as 1MFWF supporters and workplace innovators Paul Rupert and Mika Cross.
Business of Furniture | April 19 2017.

1 Million for Work Flexibility Launches Policy Page

The Grindstone highlights 1MFWF’s Policy page.
The Grindstone | April 14 2017.

Why Bay Area startup Zapier offers employees $10,000 to ‘delocate’

1MFWF director Emma Plumb weighs in on a new approach to remote work in the Bay Area.
Christian Science Monitor | March 21 2017.

Makery Coworking Supports “1 Million For Work Flexibility”

Connecticut coworking community Makery Coworking announces their support for 1MFWF.
Makery Coworking | February 20 2017.

How to Attract More Millennials to the Legal Workforce

Flexibility is key to attracting millennials—and comes with additional benefits as well — even in the traditional realm of law.
Inside Counsel | February 3 2017.

6 Companies Who Rocked Remote Workflow in 2016

1MFWF Supporter Worldwide101 showcases six companies in the “remote work revolution”.
Worldwide101 | February 2 2017.

Why Employers Need to Focus on Flexible Work Benefits in 2017

WorkSpace Today, edited by Polycom emloyees, showcases the business benefits of work flexibility.
WorkSpace Today| January 27 2017.

Appirio Joins ‘1 Million for Work Flexibility’ Movement

Appirio announces their support for 1MFWF and highlights their dedication to work flexibility in general.
Appirio | January 19 2017.

The Growing Area of Flexible Work Arrangements

Blogger Rita Keller showcases 1MFWF’s top 5 moments in flex for 2016 as they relate to CPA firm management. | December 15 2016.

How To Ask for a Flexible Work Schedule

1MFWF supporter Rachel Andujar of Rethink Nine to Five shares advice on asking for flex.
Career Contessa | November 9 2016.

The Proximity Myth

1MFWF Director Emma Plumb comments on recent announcements of scaled-back telework programs.
Huffington Post | November 2 2016.

Flex Work Isn’t The Key To Retaining Women In The Workplace – This Is

Georgene Huang, CEO and co-founder of 1MFWF supporter Fairygodboss, warns about the dangers of fuzzy flex policies.
Forbes | October 25 2016.

What Is Work Flexibility?

Fairygodboss features a run-down of the various types of work flexibility.
Fairygodboss | October 25 2016.

25 Companies That Will Let You Work from Home

Business News Daily covers the new FlexJobs 250 list, released in celebration of 1MFWF’s third anniversary.
Business News Daily | October 13 2016.

Want To Telecommute? These Are The Top 250 Companies For Flex Work

In celebration of 1MFWF’s three-year anniversary, FlexJobs has released its list of the top 250 companies for flexible jobs.
Forbes | October 11 2016.

Why Flex Programs Are Necessary for the Future of Work

WorldatWork quotes Emma Plumb on the benefits of work flexibility.
WorldatWork | October 2016.

Pinksourcing: What Kristen Bell Didn’t Say About the Pay Gap

The Cheat Sheet quotes Emma Plumb on the link between work flexibility and the gender pay gap.
The Cheat Sheet | September 20 2016.

Working Parents Rank Work Flexibility Higher Than Salary

About Parenting highlights the importance of flexibility for working parents and calls for 1MFWF sign-ups.
About Parenting | September 13 2016.

A Conversation With A Pioneering Advocate For Flexible Work

Kathleen Christensen, a member of the board of directors at OpenWork, interviews 1MFWF Founder Sara Sutton Fell.
TLNT | September 9 2016.

Fiverrcast Episode 47 – Work Flexibility

Fiverr’s podcast series features Sara Sutton Fell and 1 Million for Work Flexibility
Fiverrcast | September 1 2016.

Humana’s Tim State knows that flexible work policies enhance well-being

Humana shares their 1MFWF interview on the Humana News Blog.
Humana News Blog | July 11 2016.

10 Stellar Work/Life Balance Pick-Me-Ups (And Counting)

In July, WNYC’s Note to Self is covering motherhood, entrepreneurship and work/life balance with their series “Taking the Lead.” 1MFWF’s flexibility stories are included on their list of favorite stories and resources about finding/losing/lamenting over work/life balance.
Note to Self | July 2016.

New Hampshire’s the Latest State to Make Requesting Flextime a Little Bit Easier

Slate highlights the new law in New Hampshire giving workers the right to request work flexibility, with input from Emma Plumb.
Slate | June 24 2016.

Ensuring Success at Work and at Home with Work Flexibility

In lead-up to the upcoming White House Summit on the United State of Women, 1MFWF Director Emma Plumb shares how flexibility has been pivotal in her motherhood journey.
United State of Women Blog | May 19 2016.

New video showcases flexible work benefits highlights 1MFWF’s new video. | May 3 2016.

3 Tips for Convincing Your Company’s Leadership to Embrace Flexible Work Options

PGi shares three tips for getting your boss on board with flexibility.
PGi | April 28 2016.

Seven Ways To Get More Flexibility At Work Without A Special Arrangement

Forbes contributor Caroline Ceniza-Levine shares her enthusiasm for 1MFWF and work flexibility.
Forbes | April 19 2016.

5 Flexible Work Strategies And The Companies That Use Them

Fast Company highlights 1MFWF as a resource for implementing flexibility.
Fast Company | March 30 2016.

It’s Working for Emma Plumb

1MFWF Supporter the It’s Working Project interviews #1MFWF Director Emma Plumb about her experience going back to work after having her daughter.
It’s Working Project | March 25 2016.

The Journey: Planning to delay retirement? Here’s how.

Asking for flexibility can be a helpful step toward lengthening your working life.
Albuquerque Journal | March 14 2016.

New Documentary Shows the Struggles Moms Face When Trying to Have It All

DeseretNews National highlights 1MFWF’s online premiere of the Having It All documentary.
DeseretNews National | February 26 2016.

Can You ‘Have It All’? Film Features New Moms Juggling Career, Family

Money Talks News highlights 1MFWF’s online premiere of the Having It All documentary.
Money Talks News | February 25 2016.

The Manager’s Guide to Flexible Work Options

Knowing the variety of flexible work options available can help a manager determine the best fit for his or her team.
PGi | January 15 2016.

‘Tis the Season of Super Volatile Worker Scheduling

Flexibility and predictability are both critical for workers during the holiday season.
Women’s eNews | December 24 2015.

5 Reasons Why More Is Not Better at Work

Emma Plumb highlights the benefits of taking time off.
Take Back Your Time | December 15 2015.

Out of the Box: The Perks of Working From Home

Emma Plumb shares the benefits of remote work in the MediaplanetUSA Work Flexibility campaign, launched within the San Francisco Chronicle and online.
Media Planet | December 11 2015.

Could You Flex At Work?

Mom-mentum interviews Emma Plumb about the benefits of work flexibility.
Mom-mentum | November 11 2015.

Your Office in 2020: A Glimpse into the Future

Inc. interviews Peter Hirst, associate dean of executive education at MIT Sloan School of Management, about workplace change and includes the 1MFWF blog as a resource.
Inc. | November 6 2015.

Moving the Needle on Work Flexibility

Emma Plumb shares her new perspective on flex as a working mom.
Huffington Post | October 28 2015.

Why Not Flexible Work?

Carolina Parent highlights the benefits of work flexibility for employers and employees.
Carolina Parent | October 20 2015.

Flex Work Is No. 1 on Americans’ Job Benefits Wish List

TheStreet highlights the 1MFWF campaign and features a video clip of workers across New York City talking about their need for work flexibility.
TheStreet | October 20 2015.

The Fight for Flexible Work in America

Emily Morgan calls on entrepreneurs to redesign the workplace.
Huffington Post | October 14 2015.

Flexing Your Work Flex Muscle

Valerie Young shares insights from WorldatWork’s panel on “Rethinking the Workweek”.
Mom-mentum | October 6 2015.

WorldatWork Hosts “Rethinking the Workweek”

In honor of National Work & Family Month, 1MFWF supporter WorldatWork hosted “Rethinking the Workweek,” a roundtable discussion including 1MFWF founder Sara Sutton Fell and 1MFWF director Emma Plumb, to share new and best practices for workplace flexibility and discuss real-life challenges that threaten work-life effectiveness.
WorldatWork | October 6 2015.

News From National

Erin Wallace, Mental Health America Senior Director of Communications and Marketing, highlights MHA’s support for the 1MFWF movement.
Mental Health America | September 23 2015.

Top 10 Best Work From Home Jobs highlights work-from-home jobs with input from 1MFWF founder Sara Sutton Fell and 1MFWF director Emma Plumb. | August 2015.

Podcast with Sara Sutton Fell

WorkLife HUB speaks with Sara Sutton Fell about expanding access to flexible work options.
WorkLife HUB | June 28 2015.

Emma Plumb Talks About 1 Million for Work Flexibility

Emma Plumb talks with 1MFWF Supporter LiquidSpace about the 1MFWF movement and her passion for work flex.
LiquidSpace | June 3 2015.

Work Flexibility Can Improve Mental Health–and the Health of Your Company

Sara Sutton Fell highlights four reasons work flexibility is critical for workers’ mental health—and why businesses should pay attention.
Huffington Post | June 3 2015.

5 Ways Good Bosses Make Work Less Stressful for Employees

A happy workplace is a productive workplace. Here are five ways to ensure work is more enjoyable for your employees.
The Cheat Sheet | June 2 2015.

Work-at-Home Opportunities Offer Flexible Alternatives for Mothers

Karen Beaman, director of agent acquisition and onboarding at 1MFWF supporter LiveOps, shares the benefits of work flexibility for moms and families.
SheKnows | Apr 23 2015.

Earth Day 2015: 12 Ways Workers Can Go Green With Work Flex

On Earth Day, 1MFWF director Emma Plumb notes how work flex is good for the environment.
LinkedIn | Apr 22 2015.

Flexibelt Arbete: Life is Flexible – Is Your Job?

Swedish blog New View highlights the 1 Million for Work Flexibility movement.
New View | Apr 22 2015.

LiveOps Joins 1 Million for Work Flexibility to Support and Promote the Need for Flexible Work Opportunities for Everyone

As a flexible employer, LiveOps supports choice, freedom, and entrepreneurship. In this press release, LiveOps announces their support for the 1MFWF movement. With their involvement, LiveOps aims to help communicate the need for organizations of all types to embrace flexibility as part of their culture and create work environments that make it possible for everyone to thrive, both in their careers and in life.
LiveOps press release | April 14 2015.

Why Flexibility is the Key to the Modern Workforce

1MFWF is featured in the MediaplanetUSA Modern Office campaign, launched within the San Francisco Chronicle and online.
Media Planet | March 27 2015.

Spring is Here! Are Your Employees Absent?

Work flexibility can help keep employees engaged during springtime, whether they’re just eager to get some fresh air or suffering from allergies.
Practical Business Training | March 27 2015.

C-suite Men Stepping Down for ‘Work-Life Balance’ Is No Step Forward

In recent months, a series of C-level male executives have resigned in the name of work-life balance. 1MFWF director Emma Plumb suggests that we need new workplace policies, not resignations.
Huffington Post | March 20 2015.

The Workplace Model Is Broken for More Than Moms

1MFWF director Emma Plumb notes that while work flexibility is critical for moms, they’re not the only ones who need a new workplace model.
Huffington Post | March 12 2015.

Working Through the Snow: This record-breaking winter shows the benefits of teleworking and flexible schedules

Work flexibility can be a huge benefit to both employers and employees during weather emergencies, writes 1MFWF director Emma Plumb.
US News | Feb 26 2015.

How Telework Helps Working Moms Juggle the Holiday Season

The holidays can be stressful for any working parent, but telecommuting can make the season a lot less stressful.
MomsRising | Nov 11 2014.

Show Your Support for Work Flexibility makes a call for support for 1MFWF.
Undress4Succcess | Nov 7 2014.

Why Are Companies Still Scared of Telecommuting?

1MFWF Founder Sara Sutton Fell asks what’s holding companies back from embracing telework.
LinkedIn | Oct 31 2014.

Flexible Employment the Key to Global Economic Stability

1MFWF Founder Sara Sutton Fell shares her thoughts on the economics of work flexibility.
Huffington Post | October 28 2014.

Life Ed: How To Negotiate Workplace Flexibility

1MFWF Founder Sara Sutton Fell shares tips on requesting flexibility from your employer, in this Maria Shriver feature story.
NBC News | October 22 2014.

Report: Majority of men using flex time and loving it

Kelly Wallace highlights new research on how men use flexibility, quoting 1MFWF Founder Sara Sutton Fell.
CNN Living | October 21 2014.

Q&A With Sara Sutton Fell, Part III: The Future of Flex Work

In this final part of her interview with 1MFWF Supporter PGi, 1MFWF Founder Sara Sutton Fell shares her vision for the future of flex.
PGi | October 16 2014.

Let’s Take Luck Out of the ‘Boss Lottery’

Sara Sutton Fell is quoted in this article about the need for better policies for working mothers.
Women’s eNews | October 16 2014.

3 Ways to Support Work Flexibility as a Working Mother

Help spread the word about the benefits of work flexibility for working mothers.
Working Mother | October 16 2014.

5 Reasons Working Families Need Work Flexibility

1MFWF Director Emma Plumb highlights National Work and Family Month and the first anniversary of 1MFWF.
Huffington Post | October 14 2014.

Q&A With Sara Sutton Fell, Part II: Managing Flex Workers

In part II of her interview with 1MFWF Supporter PGi, 1MFWF Founder Sara Sutton Fell shares insights on managing flex workers.
PGi | October 8 2014.

What Work-from-Home Policies and Baseball May Have in Common

Nick Bloom’s comparison of work flexibility to the Moneyball story resonates with this blogger.
Fairygodboss | October 8 2014.

3 Economic Reasons to Get Our Heads Out of the Sand When It Comes to Work Flexibility

1MFWF Founder Sara Sutton Fell explains three of the biggest impacts work flexibility can and should have, and how we can get there.
LinkedIn | Oct 6 2014.

Q&A With Sara Sutton Fell: 3 Misconceptions About Flex Work

1MFWF Supporter PGi interviews 1MFWF Founder Sara Sutton Fell about some of the top misconceptions about flexible work.
PGi | October 1 2014.

How Do You Work Best?

1MFWF Director Emma Plumb notes that we need to understand why we work the way we do in order to see that it’s time for change, in her latest contribution to a blog series produced by the Huffington Post and 1MFWF Supporter Great Work Cultures.
Huffington Post | September 16 2014.

3 Ways the Cloud Can Help Your Small Business

Cloud computing can cut costs, prevent data disasters, and enable work flexibility.
The Suit | September 16 2014.

4 Great Examples of Telework’s Impact

The Telework Coalition, a 1MFWF Supporter, shares four ways work flexibility is vitally important to individuals, to companies, and to society.
The Telework Coalition | September 15 2014.

What’s Wrong With a CEO Resigning to Spend More Time With His Family?

Jessica Stillman highlights 1MFWF Director Emma Plumb’s take on the resignation of MongoDB CEO Max Schireson.
Inc. | August 19 2014.

7 Tips for Bringing Virtual Teams Together

1MFWF Founder Sara Sutton Fell shares tips for bringing together distributed teams.
Switch & Shift | August 19 2014.

Forget Summer Fridays… Working Parents Need Real Flexibility

Summer Fridays might be a nice nod to flexibility, but working parents need access to more than just the occasional seasonal schedule adjustment.
MomsRising | Aug 4 2014.

Remote Worker Profile – Emma Plumb

1MFWF Director Emma Plumb shares her “remote worker” story on the Fuze blog.
Fuze | July 29 2014.

21 Lame Reasons Your Company Doesn’t Allow Flexible Work Options

A humorous take on why more companies don’t yet embrace work flexibility.
Buzzfeed | July 24 2014.

Building Great Work Cultures Through Work Flexibility

1MFWF Director Emma Plumb highlights the link between work flexibility and work culture, launching a blog series produced by the Huffington Post and 1MFWF Supporter Great Work Cultures.
Huffington Post | July 15 2014.

Share Your Stories to Help Create Workplace Change

What we need most of all in order for change to happen in the workplace is for workers themselves to speak up.
MomsRising | June 30 2014.

LightCastle Joins 1 Million for Work Flexibility

At LightCastle, flexibility has been part of the culture since the very beginning.
LightCastle Technical Consulting | June 27 2014.

Why Moms AND Dads Need More Flexibility at Work

While it’s true that working mothers need work flexibility, let’s not forget about the working dads, too.
Care2 | June 17 2014.

3 Ways Work Flexibility Helps Working Parents

1MFWF Supporter MomsRising shares three reasons why work flexibility helps working moms and dads.
MomsRising | May 30 2014.

4 Unexpected Benefits to Working Virtually

1MFWF Supporter Worldwide101 highlights the benefits of virtual work.
Worldwide101 | May 21 2014.

1 Million for Work Flexibility

TheMomFair shares why they support the 1 Million for Work Flexibility movement.
The MomFair | April 24 2014.

Do You Want (or Need) More Work Flexibility?

1MFWF Founder Sara Sutton Fell notes the many reasons workers need flexibility.
LinkedIn | April 10 2014.

Why Smart Leaders Embrace Flexibility

1MFWF Founder Sara Sutton Fell shares three reasons why smart leaders embrace flexible work options.
Switch & Shift | April 3 2014.

4 Ways To Be Green When You Recruit

Turning jobs into virtual positions is one of many great ways to go green when recruiting.
Green Business Bureau Blog | March 27 2014.

Mom Corps

5 Reasons Working Moms Should Support “1 Million for Work Flexibility”

Here are five reasons working mothers should support 1 Million for Work Flexibility, straight from the mouths of those who have already joined the movement.
Mom Corps | March 10 2014.

4 Ways Working Families Benefit from Job Flexibility

The new San Francisco Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance went into effect on January 1. Here are four ways working families benefit from work flexibility.
Care2 | February 17 2014.

Vitesse Consulting Announces Supporter Agreement with 1 Million for Work Flexibility

Vitesse Consulting announces its official support of 1 Million for Work Flexibility, strengthening both groups’ shared message that work flexibility is a win/win for businesses and their staff.
Newsday | December 23 2013.

Join Us in Support of Work Flexibility

Women across the country are joining 1 Million for Work Flexibility; add your voice to the mix.
Women for Hire | December 18 2013.

5 Tips to Brand Your Company as a Flexible Workplace

If your organization supports work flexibility, here’s how to brand your business as a flexible workplace. | December 13 2013.

Support “1 Million for Flexibility”

Global Workplace Analytics highlights the goals of 1 Million for Work Flexibility.
Global Workplace Analytics | November 21 2013.

Top 5 Reasons People Seek Flexible Work

There are lots of reasons why people need flexibility at work. Here are the top 5, in the words of 1 Million for Work Flexibility supporters themselves.
Workshifting | November 20 2013.

3 Ways To Help Make Working From Home More Common

There’s strength in numbers. If you already work from home, get involved to help make it an option for more people.
WAHM | November 15 2013.

A Few Steps Towards Work Flexibility

Set priorities in your personal life to help you take steps towards the flexibility you need at work.
The Art of Good | November 11 2013.

Why So Many People Support Work Flexibility

Scott Behson shares some of the great reasons why people are joining 1 Million for Work Flexibility.
Fathers, Work and Family | November 4 2013.

Want Work Flexibility? Here’s How You Can Make a Change

If enough people voice their support for work flexibility, it will become the norm.
Mashable | November 2 2013.

Raise Your Hand If You Want More Work Flexibility!

If you are one of the 89% of workers looking for more work flexibility, sign up to make your voice heard.
Family Circle | October 30 2013.

Four Ways to Join the Flexible Work Revolution

Joining 1 Million for Work Flexibility will help create a voice for productive change.
A Better Virtual | October 29 2013.

Top 10 Benefits of Flexible Work Policies for Companies

Sara Sutton Fell shares her top ten reasons why companies should embrace flexibility.
Huffington Post | October 24 2013.

Strong Company Culture Drives Telecommuting Success

Although some big-name companies including HP, Yahoo, and Best Buy are cutting back on flexibility, leadership experts recommend they reconsider.
BusinessNewsDaily| October 24 2013.

Making the Case for Flexible Work Schedules

Pressure is building for employers to embrace work flexibility.
Newsday | October 23 2013.

6 Ways to Balance Your Work & Life

Work-life balance is a journey. Here are six ways to move in the right direction.
Care2 | October 23 2013.

3 New Battles in the Fight Over the Flexible Workplace

October has been a busy month for work flexibility, with a new San Francisco Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance, HP’s call for “all hands on deck”, and 1 Million for Work Flexibility.
TLNT | October 22 2013.

Work-life Balance: Workplace Flexibility is Trending in the US

Work flexibility is a trending topic in the US for 2013, from new municipal ordinances to movements like 1 Million for Work Flexibility.
XpertHR | October 21 2013.

Employers and Workers Join Together for Work Flexibility

Work flexibility is a growing trend in the workplace and a win/win for both employers and employees.
Business 2 Community | October 18 2013.

Go Green with Work Flexibility

Work flexibility is a must-have for the environment and a great way to go green.
Green Business Bureau Blog | October 18 2013.

One Million for Work Flexibility

Scott Behson, professor of business management at Fairleigh Dickinson University and a busy, involved dad, highlights his support for 1 Million for Work Flexibility.
Fathers, Work and Family | October 15 2013.

The Launch of 1 Million for Work Flexibility

Sara Sutton Fell, the initiator of 1 Million for Work Flexibility, writes about how she came up with the idea and why it’s so important.
Huffington Post | October 14 2013.