Perhaps you’re someone who would love to telecommute a day or two each week in order to improve your productivity and your work-life balance. Maybe you’d like to shift your hours earlier in order to avoid a nasty commute, or do do school pickups. You might even be a manager who wants to implement a flexible work program in your office.

Regardless of specific circumstance, more and more people are showing an interest in flexibility. And for all of you, today is your day!

National Flex Day

In conjunction with its fourth anniversary, 1 Million for Work Flexibility is hosting National Flex Day today, October 17th. And that makes it the perfect day to learn more about the 1MFWF movement. 

“National Flex Day is an opportunity for employers and employees to engage in open and honest conversations about the value of work flexibility, to help move this issue forward on a national scale,” says Emma Plumb, director of 1 Million for Work Flexibility. “Working Mother established National Flex Day five years ago, and we are proud to carry the torch to use this platform to ensure workers and employers have a space for voicing and understanding this critical workplace need.”

Join the 1 Million for Work Flexibility

Now including more than 125 companies, advocacy groups, academic institutions, and other organizations in its coalition, 1MFWF has tapped their expertise and enthusiasm and offers a wide variety of resources to help all kinds of people better understand and embrace work flex.

For example the 1MFWF policy page provides specific information on work flexibility legislation across the United States—33 states have policies on the books, from Arizona to Wyoming—as well as a rundown of federal legislative efforts. 

1MFWF fact sheets are quick-reference guides to the kinds of flexible work options that exist, advice on how to ask your employer for flex, and more.

For more in-depth information, be sure to peruse the 1MFWF blog. In addition to posts about the general state of flex, it has information in several specific categories, including:

  • Supporter spotlights, which highlight members of the 1MFWF coalition and the great work they do to support flexibility in different ways.
  • Articles on the business case for flexibility, which can help you better understand and share information about the advantages of flexibility for both employers and workers.
  • Expert interviews, giving a first-hand account from thought leaders in this space about the benefits of flex.
  • Research “explainers”, which allow you to get an easily digestible taste of the latest studies and surveys on flex topics.
  • How-to guides, to direct you through your journey toward flexibility.
  • Personal stories, which can inspire you during your quest for flex.

As 1MFWF announces, “In order to truly change workplace culture, we believe it is critical to engage the individuals who want and need work flexibility.” That’s why the 1MFWF movement needs you! “Currently, change is typically driven by corporate HR departments. While these corporate efforts are valuable, we believe that both efforts—from individuals and from corporate headquarters—are needed in order to achieve more traction for change. By working together, we can help make work flexibility become a core part of the 21st century workplace.”

Take a few seconds to join the 1 Million. Talk to your friends, family members, and colleagues about your support of flex work. You may even want to grab a 1MFWF shirt to litereally wear your support on your sleeve!

As you learn more about the advantages of work flexibility for both individuals and the organizations that employ them, you’ll help to build a culture that readily embraces flex work. And you’ll have the satisfaction of supporting a cause that truly makes life better for workers across the country and around the world. 

Join 1MFWF now. Celebrate today. And help to create a more flexible tomorrow.