Remote workers are the pioneers of the future of work. No longer satisfied with the status quo, they are demonstrating to corporate America that increased employee satisfaction and productivity are not mutually exclusive. The ability to work remotely also affords an opportunity that typical office workers can only dream of: the ability to travel the world and keep working at the same time.

You’ve already beaten the status quo

Does this sound familiar? After working an office job for a few years, you finally said enough. Whether it was the long commute, wanting to spend more time with family, or the office politics, you decided to make a change. You either worked hard to prove yourself or worked harder to learn a whole new skillset. You established a remote working arrangement, or found that remote job. Now you love being a remote worker, but there’s still a part of you not wholly satisfied and ready for an adventure.

We at YonderWork know that itch you’re feeling well: it’s the travel-bug, and we’re happy to share that as a remote worker, you can get the best of both worlds: you can travel and further your career at the same time.

Like remote working, travel can contribute to living a fulfilling life. By interacting with and about the world around you, you can gain so much in knowledge and experience. Historically, travel has been relegated to a quick vacation once a year. But more and more of us our finding that our strong interest in travel and experiences outweighs our desire for material possessions.

But travel doesn’t have to mean quitting your job and fitting everything you own into a single backpack. The concept of combining work and travel is embodied in the subculture of “digital nomads” or those who traverse the globe while earning an income online. Digital nomads encompass a wide array of professions and skills ranging from writers, web-designers, and drop-shippers, to employees of forward-thinking remote working companies such as Automattic and Buffer.

The infrastructure exists

The potential to combine work and travel exists because the infrastructure and support systems that enable remote working from across the globe have scaled tremendously over the past few years. The expansion of broadband Internet has been the one of the biggest catalysts in allowing an increasing number of professions to move online–for example web design, video, editing, and other functions which require high bandwidth.

Communication and productivity tools for digital nomads have also grown in number. Slack and WhatsApp now allow you to chat and easily share files across distributed teams. Tools like Trello and Wunderlist support team collaboration and project management. Apps like Google Translate and Triposo have lowered the cultural barriers to travel. Nomadlist and Work From Anywhere provide search capabilities for finding what city fits your style and where to find a good café with wifi.

Additionally, creative and inspiring coworking spaces have followed the popularity of WeWork, popping up in tropical hotspots and cities across the globe, each with its own unique twist. Today there are coworking spaces in countless countries across the globe, providing reliable Internet and communal centers for professional collaboration and knowledge sharing.

There are also online and physical communities to meet and network with other digital nomads. Travel services (like ours at YonderWork) facilitate remote work communities, taking care of logistics, planning group social events, and providing professional growth opportunities. There are also numerous online communities on Facebook and Reddit, as well as offline communities that gather at conferences and meet-ups.

Travel is too great an opportunity for remote workers to miss

For many, traveling the world is a dream. As a remote worker, you have the ability to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle and make that dream a reality. There are numerous resources available to support traveling and working abroad. The secret is out: location independence allows you to work from anywhere. So get out there and start exploring the world!

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