Gone are the days when people thought that work flexibility was something only working moms wanted or needed. Studies show time and time again how flex can help every worker at some stage in their career. And (surprise, surprise) employers also greatly benefit from work flex, too.

But that’s where it stalls. Despite decades of research, the swing towards work flexibility being an accepted practice in the workplace as a whole has remained, ironically, fairly inflexible. That’s why it’s important for people to share their stories about how flex has impacted their lives for the better. It’s not just enough to ask for and receive flexibility at your job; it’s up to each individual to keep talking about the issue in the hopes that it will inspire other workers to recognize that they are entitled to work flex, too. Only then can we change the face of the workplace once and for all in favor of flex.

At 1 Million for Work Flexibility, we’ve shared stories from people from all walks of life. Here is just a sampling of the stories we’ve featured:

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Stories About Work Flexibility and Parenting

Stories About Work Flexibility and Spouses

In order for work flexibility to become an option for all workers, we need to keep the conversation going. Read more personal stories of how work flexibility has had a positive impact in people’s lives, and share your own story by joining the 1MFWF movement!

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