Do you often find work-life responsibilities colliding?  It can be challenging to be productive at work and yet still have enough time for your personal life—whether you’re caring for a family, pursing a life-long passion, or both. The goal is to move beyond the impossible win-lose of work-life “balance,” and instead move towards effectively managing and integrating the constantly shifting parts of your work and personal responsibilities. At many times in your life, one will take priority over the other.  We call managing these priorities work-life effectiveness.

Technology enables us to work anytime, anywhere, and provides workplaces the opportunity to include more flexible options such as telecommuting, part-time hours, or a compressed workweek, to name just a few.  However, just because a company offers flexible work arrangements doesn’t mean employees use them. An environment where flexibility is truly embraced without penalty requires inclusive leadership. Managers and senior executives can create an inclusive culture, where they trust their employees to get the job done—whether they’re working from the office, from home, or from a coffee shop.  Inclusive leaders show they value productivity over face time, and understand that working flexibly is a business strategy that produces better results.

Catalyst is launching a MOOC (massive open online course) to teach about the importance of inclusive leadership in building flexible—and productive—work environments. We are sharing our groundbreaking research on inclusive leadership globally through edX, the nonprofit online learning platform launched by MIT and Harvard University.  Over the four weeks, we will also show individuals how to manage their own careers through flexible options. With short quizzes, compelling case studies, and engaging videos, students will build their knowledge each week and share personal experiences with other learners on topics such as communication, technology, myth-busting, challenges, and solutions. Throughout the course, participants will develop a Personal Work-Life Plan to help apply the strategies taught in the course, creating their own road maps to work-life success.

Whether or not you manage others, we can all become inclusive leaders who create flexible, productive work environments. Sign up for our course, Inclusive Leadership Training: Maximizing Work-Life for Your Success, and start your inclusive leadership journey today.

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