These days it seems that everyone is looking for a flexible job—and why not? As 1 Million for Work Flexibility advocates, flexible positions allow individuals to more seamlessly integrate their work and personal lives, no matter what one may be juggling: children, hobbies, health issues, a new career. Research has also shown that employees with flexible arrangements tend to be more satisfied with their work, feel less stress, and are more dedicated to their job and organization.

And here is even more good news: today it is easier than ever to find what once seemed to be a pipe dream: a position that already has flexibility built into the role. Over the past decade (and especially in the past few years), organizations have been created to help individuals find and secure flexible work opportunities. These companies will bring flexible jobs right to your doorstep (or more like to your computer)!

To better understand the various options in the job-seeking landscape, I have put together a list of 14 organizations that assist individuals with searching for and landing flexible jobs.

This resource—Services for Finding Flexible Work—shares details about each organization, what they offer, and how they work. To determine which services are best for you, consider the following questions:

  • Service Models: Would you prefer to review and apply to job postings yourself (i.e., the Job Posting model) or have the organization’s staff members match you to positions (i.e., the Placement model)? The 14 organizations are divided into these two service approaches.
  • Target Clientele: What is your work experience? Are you a mother? Are you returning to work after a break? Do you want a flexible job for other reasons? The organizations vary in terms of their specialties as well as their educational and experience requirements.
  • Job Locations: Which organizations serve your geographical location? If you are interested in 100% remote positions, the actual company location may not matter.
  • Flex Types: What type of flexible arrangement is ideal for you? Do you prefer full-time, part-time, flexible hours, job sharing, telecommuting, projects, or seasonal work? Many of the 14 organizations specialize in offering specific types of flexibility, whereas others are more broad in their scope of flex positions.
  • Employer Types: Do you prefer to work at a certain type of organization? What work environments have best suited you in the past? Some of the organizations concentrate on specific employer types, such as small businesses, non-profits, and/or Fortune 500 companies.
  • Career Fields: What career fields interest you? Consider the areas in which you have worked as well as new options. A few of the services are geared toward individuals with several years of experience in a field, whereas others are more open to supporting career changers.

After gaining a more complete picture of what you want and need, review the charts for each organization on the Services for Finding Flexible Work resource page. Work flexibility has certainly come a long way, and as a result, these companies now exist to help you tap into the opportunities that are out there.

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