At 1MFWF, we always want to highlight work that’s happening around the country and across the globe pertaining to work flexibility. While our own blog features regular contributions from experts on this topic, we also keep an eye out for great articles elsewhere on the web. Here are some recent items not to miss.

Balancing act: It’s time for companies to formalize flexible work policies
Greg Kratz, Deseret News, November 3
According to a recent survey by WorldatWork and FlexJobs, 80 percent of employers are offering some kind of flexibility—but only 37 percent have formal flexible policies in place. While it’s refreshing to see that many companies offer informal flexibility for their employees, formalizing the policies allows for better metrics tracking and goal setting. Even managers who believe there are benefits to offering flex cannot track or measure how work flexibility impacts their overall bottom line without a formal structure. Learn more about the importance of having a formal policy: Balancing act: It’s time for companies to formalize flexible work policies.

10 Workplace Trends You’ll See In 2016
Dan Schawbel, Forbes, November 1
Dan Schawbel shares his insights on the top 10 workplace trends to expect for 2016, citing work flexibility as number three on the list. Thanks to advances like wearable technology, flexible office design, and job automation, as well as changing attitudes among baby boomers, millennials, and generation z about work, flexibility is one of the most important considerations for hiring in 2016. Read more: 10 Workplace Trends You’ll See In 2016.

Work and Life Balance: Good for People, Good for Business
Chris Boyce, Huffington Post, October 29
Studies show that technology adds an additional eight hours of productivity to each day, but for most of us, it doesn’t feel that way. Instead, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with to-do lists and often a struggle to focus on the tasks at hand. Healthy, happy employees have to be able to set boundaries between home and work, and prioritize. Virgin Pulse CEO Chris Boyce shares that it’s critical to create a strong company culture that supports setting boundaries for work and life in order to ensure employees can put in their best efforts at work. Read more: Work and Life Balance: Good for People, Good for Business.

Workplace Flexibility: Good For You and Your Employees
Latifa Lyles and Erin Andrew, Huffington Post, October 29
The U.S. Small Business Administration and Department of Labor recently created a Workplace Flexibility Toolkit to encourage small business to use flexibility to help them attract and retain top talent. Policies including paid sick time, paid parental leave, and flexible schedules can enhance small businesses growth and encourage innovation. Learn more: Workplace Flexibility: Good For You and Your Employees.

Is ‘flexible’ work just overwork?
Schuyler Velasco, The Christian Science Monitor, October 26
Although naysayers fear that workers with flexibility won’t work as hard, the reality is that without clear boundaries, work flexibility is much more likely to lead to overwork. Even offering unlimited vacation can backfire, because employees may end up not taking any vacation at all. An effective work flexibility policy has to be clear about expectations and boundaries to ensure that employers and employees are both reaping the benefits. Learn more: Is ‘flexible’ work just overwork?

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