At 1MFWF, we always want to highlight work that’s happening around the country and across the globe pertaining to work flexibility. While our own blog features regular contributions from experts on this topic, we also keep an eye out for great articles elsewhere on the web. Here are some recent items not to miss.

Is there such a thing as a ‘bore out’?
Alex Morrison, Alex Therrien & Emma Ailes, BBC News, July 26
We’ve all heard of being overstressed in the workplace, but what about being chronically bored? This newly labeled workplace trend called a “bore out” is a potential source of stress for professionals. Dr. Sandi Mann, a boredom expert, clarifies between good boredom,which can in some cases enhance creativity, and long-term boredom, which can have severe consequences. Learn more about the potential impacts of this global trend: Is there such a thing as a ‘bore out’?

The Growing Wave of Eldercare – Employees will Need Support and Flexibility
Steve Bates, The SHRM Blog, July 26
Former editor for SHRM Steve Bates shares his personal story of caring for a parent with dementia, highlighting the fact that many Americans are facing similar elder care responsibilities. Bates calles for companies to recognize that an increasing number of employees will need to take time off to care for aging parents, and that flexible work policies are required to accommodate such demand. Read more: The Growing Wave of Eldercare – Employees will Need Support and Flexibility.

Is it a mistake to talk about your children at work?
Philippa Goodrich, BBC News, July 25
Amongst the growing lists of topics to not bring up at work, including politics, religion, and money to name a few, should children now be added as well? It may depend on the culture of your office (and your thoughts on whether that culture needs to change). Women seem to be more likely to be penalized for talking about their children, vs. men who generally receive positive feedback from coworkers on the topic. Read more about the gender differences in the workplace as it relates to vulnerability and children: Is it a mistake to talk about your children at work?

The Workplace of the Future
Kati Chitrakorn, The Business of Fashion, July 18
Across all industries, the landscape of the workplace is facing dramatic changes. Workplaces are moving away from fluorescent lighting, cubicles, and big office spaces, and are moving toward designs that eliminate hierarchy and offer autonomy, cultural allowances,  and accommodations for remote and fixed contract workers. The Workplace of the Future is even likely to be affected by artificial intelligence, with companies such as Adidas already planning to replace manual labor jobs with robotic production lines by 2017.

10 Places With the Highest Rates of Telecommuting
Miriam Weiner, U.S. News & World Report, July 15
Companies nationwide are realizing the benefits of telecommuting; however, some regions are faster to act on the trend than others. Amongst the top ten metro areas with the highest number of telecommuters are Austin, Texas; Portland, Oregon; San Diego, California; and Boise, Idaho. Read more about which U.S. metro areas are most likely to maintain the highest level of telecommuters: 10 Places With the Highest Rates of Telecommuting.

Make workplace flexibility a measurable success
Michael Blayney, INTHEBLACK, July 13
Following the fallout of former promised flexible work arrangements, Australia-based CPAs Debbie Phillips and Christina Smerdon took matters into their own hands by launching a certification program for organizations promising flexible work. Their new business Flex Able also offers employers flexible work tools and information designed to help promote fair and flexible work policies. Learn more about Flex Able and the many benefits to be had by employers for initiating flexible work policies: Make workplace flexibility a measurable success.

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