At 1MFWF, we always want to highlight work that’s happening around the country and across the globe pertaining to work flexibility. While our own blog features regular contributions from experts on this topic, we also keep an eye out for great articles elsewhere on the web. Here are some recent items not to miss.

Executives, Protect Your Alone Time
Scott Barry Kaufman and Carolyn Gregoire, Harvard Business Review, December 16
Throughout history, some of the world’s greatest thinkers, including Marcel Proust and Virginia Woolf, have stressed the importance of ample time alone—but it’s hard to come by in today’s social media-saturated world. Science is finally catching up with what these thinkers have known all along, that time alone with oneself can fuel the creative spirit. Managers should integrate options for solitude throughout the work day to capitalize on the value of contemplation, including giving staff the option to work from home. Read more: Executives, Protect Your Alone Time.

Why Some CEOs Are Ordering Employees to Take Vacation
Jennifer Alsever, Fortune, December 15
More than 40 percent of full-time professionals in the United States work close to 50 hours a week. Several companies are taking a stand against this trend to establish healthier work policies and happier employees. Recognizing that time away from work and some true rest and relaxation are critical for high employee retention rates, businesses around the country are demanding that employees take ample time away from the office. Utah-based software maker BambooHR requires employees to leave at 5 PM and cap their weekly working hours at forty, and they are even inclined to fire staff who do not follow the rules. Learn more: Why Some CEOs Are Ordering Employees to Take Vacation.

The employees shut inside coffins
Stephen Evans, BBC News, December 14
South Korea has a reputation for instilling a sense of competition in its children, often resulting in high levels of stress, anxiety, and suicide rates amongst adults. One company is taking a unique approach to help employees find a greater appreciation for life: requiring them to partake in their own pretend funeral ceremonies. Read more: The employees shut inside coffins.

State lawmakers introduced more than 200 telemedicine bills in 2015
Jonah Comstock, MobiHealthNews, December 13
According to a national Conference of State Legislatures report, in 2015, 42 U.S. states implemented at least one telemedicine bill to the state. State Legislatures are making significant strides to support tele-health reimbursement programs for mobile health, videos, and remote patient monitoring. Read more and view the full report here: State lawmakers introduced more than 200 telemedicine bills in 2015.

In Telecommuting, Women Find Fewer Opportunities Than Men
Andie Burjek, Workforce, December 3
Although more than half of telecommuters are men, women are starting to bridge this gender gap, according to this Workforce article: In Telecommuting, Women Find Fewer Opportunities Than Men. The general assumption is that women want to telecommute for personal reasons, and as a result they tend to feel less comfortable request scheduling flexibility. However, the reality is that both women and men make the decision to telecommute for the same set of personal and professional reasons. According to new research from 1MFWF supporter Flex+Strategy Group/Work+Life Fit Inc., the numbers are shifting in the right direction: 39 percent of telecommuters are women in 2015, up from 29 percent in 2013.

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